The Best Movies & Shows Leaving Netflix This Month

The Best Movies & Shows Leaving Netflix This Month

The last few years have seen a plethora of digital streaming platform. Each of these has a distinct combination of original and pre-existing content that keeps their viewers entertained. None of these can match Netflix in terms of sheer content. However, each month Netflix continues to have popular movies leaving the platform.

March 2021

Here are all the best movies leaving Netflix in March 2021. If you have any of these on your “to watch” list, this might be the last month for you to do so.

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze is an aspiring motorcycle stuntman, just like his father. However, when he finds out his father has cancer, he sells his soul to the devil in exchange for his father’s recovery, only to be cheated. Now, finding his soul in the devil’s possession, Johnny undertakes some ridiculously dangerous stunts, earning a name for himself. However, when the devil’s son escapes hell and starts recruiting an army, Johnny finds himself transforming into the Ghost Rider, an avenging spirit for the devil. He learns more about his curse and why stopping Blackheart, the devil’s son, is important as failure to do so could spell the end for the world.


Heist movies had been done so extensively that it was hard to think of a film truly revitalizing and introducing something new to the genre. Enter Christopher Nolan. The visionary director who was fresh off the heels of The Dark Knight‘s success wrote and directed Inception in 2010 and changed the way practical effects were done on big-budget Hollywood productions. The plot follows Dom, a professional thief, who enters people’s dreams and extracts secrets from their subconscious mind. His skill has earned him a reputation in the world of corporate espionage but cost him a lot as well. So when he’s offered the chance to right all the wrongs and finally have a shot at redemption, he pounces on the chance. However, his task is far from an easy one, pinning him against new foes as well as a few old ones.

Taxi Driver

Travis Bickle takes up a job as a cab driver in New York to help him deal with his insomnia. The city’s grown a lot wilder and rough leading him to fantasize about “cleaning” up the city one day. He finds some semblance of sanity when he manages to go out on a date with an election-campaign volunteer. However, things don’t work out, pushing Travis further into the abyss. Now obsessed with saving the world, he arms himself excessively and begins planning a presidential candidate’s assassination. When that doesn’t pan out as he wanted, he goes on a suicide mission, hoping to save an underage prostitute. Things get a lot messier than he had intended, leading him into a bloody battle that may finally grant his village.

Molly’s Game

Molly Bloom shot to fame after news of her high-stakes poker game became public. A far cry from the rules and regulations of the big casinos, Molly runs her own high-stakes game that attracts Hollywood stars, business tycoons, Olympians, and mobsters. Her luck finally wears out as the FBI soon busts her operation. Now accused of money laundering, illegal betting, and a whole lot of other financial crimes, Molly finds herself alone against the system. Her only hope of escaping a lengthy prison sentence relies on her attorney, Charlie, who seems desperate to tell her real story to the world instead of the tabloid one. 

Enter the Dragon

Lee is a Wing Chu expert plying his trade in Hong Kong. He’s approached by the CIA, trying to enlist him as their agent to go undercover. The target is a notorious ring leader of a drug and human trafficking ring. He initially refuses but changes his decision once he learns the man who killed his sister now works as the ring leader’s bodyguard. The drug kingpin has arranged a martial arts tournament with participants from around the world. Once there, Lee conducts several reconnaissance missions and regularly reports on updates while getting revenge for his sister’s murder. However, the ring leader may have been one step ahead this whole time, leading Lee and his friends in the tournament to improvise on their plan if they are to defeat him.

February 2021

Here are the top movies and shows leaving Netflix by the end of February 2021. So, hurry if you want to watch or re-watch them one last time.


It’s become almost a guarantee now, but it seems Christian Bale elevates each role he’s in. This time he’s playing a racist, albeit legendary Army captain Joseph Blocker. He finds himself in the uncomfortable position of escorting an Indian war chief back to their land. The already complicated journey takes a new turn when they have to take a widow with them on their journey. The party is continuously harangued by rival tribes with no love for the chief or the captain escorting him. Hostiles is all about survival, change, and determination in the face of adversity. This is one movie you should watch before it leaves Netflix’s catalog at the end of this month.

Bates Motel (Seasons 1-5)

Few movies can claim to have influenced an entire genre as much as Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. That classic black-and-white shower scene with a knife silhouette has been copied, parodied, and mimicked so much that it has become an important part of popular culture. Naturally, when it was announced that the iconic movie would be getting a sequel TV show, expectations were high. Fans were delighted with the show as it managed to add quite a bit of substance to a storyline and concept that can only be defined as nearly perfect. It added to the original psychological dynamic between a young Norman Bates and his mother while sewing a narrative that kept views glued to their screens for five seasons. Unfortunately, February 2021 may be your last chance to binge-watch the series as it is about to leave the platform once the month is over.

Easy A

We’ve all been (or known someone) in the situation where we felt the need to add spicy details to an otherwise dull story. Emma Stone’s character, Olive, does the same in Easy A when her friend won’t stop asking her to spill the details. However, no one expects such an innocuous mistake to turn into the topic of discussion for the entire high school. Olive finds herself with new found fame or notoriety. When she realizes she can’t dispel these rumors, she embraces her new image, becoming the most popular girl at her school. However, as you may have already guessed, it doesn’t end there as things spiral out of control more than anyone could have imagined. You can view the hilarity yourself by streaming the movie before it’s off Netflix’s library by the end of this month.


Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese are arguably cinema’s most influential duo. Their collaboration has resulted in movies such as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Casino, The Irishman, and of course, Goodfellas. The coming-of-age story about the glamourous side of the mafia world and how it falls apart is considered perhaps the greatest gangster flick of all time. It allowed Scorsese to reinvent his storytelling while allowing Joe Pesci to give the performance of a lifetime, resulting in his first Oscar. From the soundtrack, the editing, right down to the videography, Goodfellas is a masterpiece in every way. If you’ve yet to watch it or wish to enjoy it again, you may want to do so before the movie is off Netflix’s catalog at the end of February 2021.

Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood may be on the wrong side of 90, but the swagger that propelled him to stardom in the 60s and 70s is still present, as evident from his performance in Gran Torino. Eastwood’s character is a Korean War veteran struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and the changing demographic of the town he’s lived in for his whole life. His take on life is transformed as he develops a close bond with a neighbor. The film explores several themes, including racism, war, growing up, and of course, change. Not only does Eastwood deliver a powerful performance, but he was also on the director’s chair for this one. If you’re a life-long Eastwood fan or someone that enjoys an emotional rollercoaster, this is one movie you can’t afford to miss before it leaves Netflix by the end of February 2021.

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