Netflix vs Peacock: Which Streaming Service is better in 2022


Online streaming is growing more and more popular, and the amount of streaming services that are already accessible is only going to continue to grow. Peacock TV competes with Netflix in this space. Peacock and Netflix are two of the most well-known on-demand streaming services available, and in this piece, we will compare and contrast them. To begin, both Peacock and Netflix provide a diverse range of content options, but these options are significantly different from one another. Peacock also has a more extensive selection than Netflix does.

How Can You Stream Netflix and Peacock from Anywhere?

  • Download a VPN ( ExpressVPN or PureVPN because they are optimized for the channel).
  • Now, on your device, download and install VPN.
  • Open the app and log in or register for an VPN account.
  • Connect to any server in the United States from the list of servers.
  • Log in to your account and search for platform you want to stream.
  • To watch Netflix or Peacock from anywhere, click Play.

Now you can stream Netflix or Peacock from anywhere in the world!

Netflix vs Peacock: Let the battle begins

1. Prices

Peacock TV

Peacock also offers three different subscription packages to choose from. Peacock Free is available for no cost to users; however, it does have certain limitations and is financed by advertisements. You only need your email address to create an account, and you may start using the site immediately. After that point, you will only be allowed to see a limited selection of the collection’s titles, which will amount to more than half of the content while advertisements play.

If it does not satisfy your needs, you can upgrade to one of the two Peacock Premium options. Premium costs $4.99 per month and provides access to the whole content collection with advertisements playing in the background. Premium Plus costs $9.99 per month and allows access to the entire library without ads playing in the background. The Premium plans come with a free trial period lasting seven days.


There are three tiers of membership available on Netflix: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The monthly cost of the Basic plan is $8.99, while the Standard method is $13.99, and the Premium plan costs $17.99.

Regardless of your plan, you will have access to the whole collection of the content offered on the site. The difference may be seen in the quality of the video and the number of different streams that can be seen simultaneously.

Netflix shook things up in October by increasing its Standard and Premium plans’ pricing and doing away with its free trial options. The Basic plan enables streaming on a single device in standard definition, the Standard program allows streaming on two devices simultaneously in high definition, and the Premium plan enables streaming on four devices simultaneously and contains content in 4K resolution.

You can evaluate the quality of the service Netflix provides by signing up for one of their subscription plans, which comes with a free trial period of one month.

What are the Best VPNs To Stream Netflix and Peacock from anywhere?

The easiest way to stream Netflix and Peacock from any part of the world is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs reroute your internet connection through a remote server and give you a new IP address in the process. This makes it look like you’re located in a different part of the world, so you can unblock geo-restricted content.

1. ExpressVPN

The key features we looked for in a VPN:

  • Large server network with servers in the US
  • Fast connections for smooth HD streaming
  • Strong encryption and privacy features to protect your data
  • User-friendly apps for all devices

When it comes to evaluating ExpressVPN, we make every attempt to discover issues, but it’s not easy! It continues to amaze on all fronts, and the 5-star rating we’ve given the VPN service attests to the fact that it simply cannot be beaten.

ExpressVPN gets off to a solid start straight immediately, with over 3,000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries. The majority of users will be satisfied with five simultaneous connections (although most other VPN services on our list enable more connections).

2. PureVPN 

You’ll need a VPN to avoid being blocked and view the popular streaming service from wherever, whether you’re a US ex-pat or traveling overseas. You can skip these stumbling obstacles and binge-watch your favorite shows by using PureVPN on your streaming device. Watch fantastic shows and movies at blazing fast rates.

2. Content

Peacock TV

Peacock provides its users access to a vast library of movies and television shows, most of which may be accessed without charge. There are many famous television programmes, but some of the most well-known are Parks and Recreation, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, King of Queens, This Is Us, Downton Abbey, and Saturday Night Live. There are many instances of classic films, some of which include Psycho, Jurassic Park, the Matrix trilogy, and the Bourne series.

When the website initially went up, visitors could choose to see one of nine unique productions. Three movies that come highly recommended by our team include “Brave New World,” “The Capture,” and “Psych 2: Lassie Come Home.” The majority of the content in the Peacock collection comes from the back archive and established brands owned by NBCUniversal. Despite this, the service provides rights for television shows and movies produced by other companies, such as ViacomCBS (Ray Donovan) and Paramount Pictures (Yellowstone).

In addition, the service provides programmes geared toward children, content in Spanish, a substantial amount of reality television, and — wait for it — live news and sports coverage from the English Premier League, golf, the National Football League, horse racing, and the Olympics (when it eventually happens). Viewing certain live sporting events without a fee will be possible, while others would need a Premium membership. Various genre channels are accessible, including Olympic Classics, Saturday Night Live, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and more.


The content library offered by Netflix is far more extensive than that of the other provider. The content provider emphasizes its unique products, which are of different quality but have a significant following. The top watched series on Netflix include those with international acclaim, such as “Stranger Things,” “The Witcher,” “13 Reasons Why,” “Lucifer,” and “Orange Is the New Black.” Films like “The Irishman” and “The Old Guard” demonstrate the service’s prowess in the film field, where it also shines. In addition, Netflix offers material geared for youngsters, as well as documentaries and reality series.

However, over the last several years, Netflix has seen a decrease in the amount of licensed content, especially as distributors have become more interested in creating their platforms. In January of 2021, production on The Office, one of the most popular series on Netflix, will get underway in Peacock to begin shooting. Late in 2019, the series Friends made its debut on Netflix, and it can also be seen on HBO Max. On the other hand, if you are a subscriber, you do not need to be afraid since the library of originals is continuously being added to, so it is not as if you will run out of things to watch shortly.

3. Compatibility

At this time, Peacock may be accessed on mobile devices running iOS and Android as well as web browsers, LG WebOS intelligent TVs, Vizio SmartCast TVs, Android TV Devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One. Peacock is also available on smart televisions running LG WebOS and Vizio SmartCast.

In a short time, it will also be available on PlayStation 4. The fact that Peacock is not now available on Amazon or Roku is a significant disadvantage. Peacock provides three concurrent streams at all of its pricing tiers.

You can access Netflix on almost any electronic device, including smart TVs and streaming media players such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The number of streams you may watch simultaneously on Netflix is limited by the plan you purchased from.

4. Features

Peacock TV and Netflix are streaming services that provide similar features, such as a modern user interface and the ability to build a watchlist of shows you want to see later.

On both platforms, the bulk of the content is offered with closed captioning, and you may activate parental controls to limit access to certain content if desired. On the other hand, there aren’t too many similarities between the two.

Netflix supports numerous user profiles, in contrast to Peacock, which does not currently support this feature. Peacock does not enable viewing content offline, which means that you will not be able to download movies to watch while you are travelling. Currently, there is no capability for streaming in 4K resolution.

When you hover over any title on the new platform, a score from Rotten Tomatoes will appear, making it much easier to determine whether or not a particular movie or television programme has earned positive reviews from critics. In contrast to Netflix, Peacock also offers live TV and sports coverage.

Peacock benefits

  • Compared to Netflix, discounts and promotional offers are available here more regularly.
  • Products that are a great deal simpler and less complicated to use than Netflix
  • The options for sharing accounts are far more flexible than those offered by Netflix.
  • A more reliable service than Netflix.
  • The quality of the customer service is relatively high.
  • There is just one discount code that you may use for Peacock TV.

Netflix’s Advantages

  • Peacock TV has more name awareness than its competitors (estimated)
  • Allows use of debit as well as prepaid cards.
  • It is compatible with Apple Pay.
  • It is possible to get support for gift cards.

Negative Aspects of the Peacock

  • Using a debit or prepaid cards is impossible since they have no support.
  • There is currently no support available for Apple Pay.
  • There is no support for gift cards. You cannot use gift cards.

Netflix disadvantages

  • The choices for sharing accounts on Peacock TV are far less desirable.
  • Has a limited amount of customer assistance available.


Where does Peacock stand in comparison to Netflix?

For a long time, Netflix has opposed the concept of offering a free tier of service funded by advertisements. Peacock will have that, and in addition, its free streaming service will include over 13,000 hours of content, including things like the Jason Bourne movie, the Jurassic Park films, the Matrix series, and a plethora of other well-known and popular programmes.

Is Peacock comparable to Netflix in any way?

Because of its tiling pattern and high-profile network, it is comparable to services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. However, in contrast to other services, it provides a free version loaded with a massive library of television shows and movies and a wide range of live news and sporting events.

Is it worthwhile to subscribe to Peacock TV?

The purchase of Peacock Premium is money well spent. Peacock is currently one of the most cost-effective streaming services available, and the sheer size of its movie library ensures that you will get a lot of value for the money you spend. Even if you view just five hours of video content each week, your cost per hour is only 25 cents.

Closing Remarks

Before deciding whether to transfer from Netflix to Peacock, you should first test out the free version financed by advertisements. This will give you a taste of what Peacock offers while also enabling you to test out the Premium edition for free for a week.

There is no question that Netflix has the best repertoire in terms of quantity and quality at present, but it will lose some of that content as more companies choose to operate independently. There is no sign that this trend will reverse any time soon; Netflix continues to be the most widely used streaming service available anywhere in the world.

Peacock may be interested in competing with Netflix, but it will likely go up against Hulu and HBO Max, a relative newcomer. Therefore, the most common choice is combining Peacock with an existing Netflix subscription rather than giving up.