Ms. Marvel – Didn’t Live Up to Expectations?


Ms. Marvel’s first two episodes premiered on Disney+, taking MCU fans by the storm, some loved it, and some criticized it. In all honesty, I have a love-hate relationship with the series so far. I want to begin by saying that I enjoy the first episode and the characters. Let’s get right into it.


I agree with everybody complaining about how they modified Ms. Marvel‘s abilities to make her ‘prettier.’ The MCU did the same thing with She-Hulk, not allowing her to be buff and strong. Still, it’s a much bigger issue with Kamala Khan because not having ‘beautiful’ powers is so important to her character growth. I originally thought the bracelet – she appears to be wearing – was a family heirloom and symbol of strength that just happened to be able to unlock something she already had, such as a DNA key, a specific component, or simply something connected to her family in a way that intended her powers was still hers. But it appears to be a bracelet variant of a Kree power ring? In the comic, it was a non-powered family relic that possessed emotional value to Kamala as a reminder of her family’s strength.


The MCU has major issues with character journeys for women, specifically women of color. I’m hopeful Valkyrie will be distinctive in Thor 4 since Taika Waititi is a wonderful director. I have great confidence in him, especially because he’s been allowed more artistic freedom than other filmmakers who are newcomers to Marvel.

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I appreciate the visuals that give the show a comic-book atmosphere. Let’s talk about side characters, Bruno, Yusuf, and Amir standing out. Among them all. Bruno stood out. The fact that he looks up to Bruce because he was a scientist and brought good to the world with his mind, not just his strength, sets right.


I admire Bruno and Kamala’s friendship, but that scene where he hands her the gloves and they halt for a second on the two of them looking at each other leads me to believe something like this will surely happen between them. I’m not sure how glad I am about it since it’s wonderful to see a female lead who isn’t in a relationship with a male lead, but I enjoy them as a couple.

I appreciate the reference to Scott Lang having a podcast. Scott reminds me so much of my father; he loves podcasts, so I just find it interesting.

One thing that bothered me the most was there wasn’t enough explanation as to why Kamala idolizes Captain Marvel specifically. She refers to her as a hero, and I believe much of her popularity derives from the fact that Carol is a powerful woman, but why not Wanda or Black Widow? Both of whom have been far more engaged on the earth. Carol is a power fantasy in a secure way for the personality of Kamala if that makes sense. Kamala can look up to her without abandoning her beliefs. However, she does not explain why she did not choose Wasp or Valkyrie. Though she seemed to like Wasp to some extent, we see a brief shot of one of her Ant-Man and Wasp videos.


Iman Vellani excels at the character. It’s also good to have a female MCU hero whose journey isn’t defined (at least not yet, fingers crossed) in part by a man. It’s refreshing to see a female character who isn’t humanized/fixed or made likable by a male supporting character. Bruno simply encourages Kamala to be more herself, which is partly why I find their connection so endearing.

What do you guys think of Ms. Marvel?