Before Ironman: Movies You Never Knew Robert Downey Jr. Appeared In

Before Ironman: Movies You Never Knew Robert Downey Jr. Appeared In

Robert Downey Jr., more popularly recognized in pop culture as Tony Stark, aka Ironman, is one of the past decade’s most successful actors. Few actors can claim to have appeared in as many critically and financially successful movies like him. Apart from his turn as Ironman, he’s appeared in modern classics like Zodiac, Tropic Thunder, Kiss Kiss Bang, The Judge, and Chaplin. However, for all his success, there have been a fair amount of duds as well. Movies that neither performed well commercially or critically have almost completely evaporated from the audiences’ memories. Some of these aren’t that bad, but some set new benchmarks on absurd storytelling and banal execution. So, here are five movies that you never knew one of the world’s highest-paid actors has appeared in:

Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers is one of that typical sort of rom-coms that we’ve come to associate with the late 90s. The plot is relatively simple as it’s a story of an estranged father and son, Ian, trying their best to mend their broken relationship. Bored, Ian decides to invite his friends to his mansion so he can finally have some fun that weekend. However, things soon escalate quickly as it turns out the group of friends have had romantic feelings about one and another for quite some time. What was supposed to be a care-free and fun weekend is shaping up to be something completely different than what Ian had expected, and he’s determined not to let that be, even if it means causing rifts between his friends.

Air America

Billy’s a young, talented, ambitious pilot with a tendency to be reckless on occasion. That tendency soon leads him into trouble as he ends up having his pilot’s license revoked. Forced to work other jobs to survive, he realizes he can’t go on like this. Hence, when a clandestine airline, rumored to run operations for the CIA in Laos, offers him a gig, he wastes no time accepting. Paired with an equally eccentric co-pilot, Billy’s new adventure soon turns into a misadventure as he comes to blows with his co-pilot over their operations’ ethics. He knows he has to be careful on this mission as failure could lead to far more catastrophic consequences for him and his country.

Too Much Sun

What do you when you have a father worth millions, and he’s left his entire fortune to you if you fulfill one condition: produce a natural heir. While that would be a straightforward task for most, it’s a bit of a tall order if you’re homosexual. That is precisely Eric’s problem as he needs to both marry and father an heir to receive his father’s billions. Unable to come up with any loophole on his own, he soon approaches the best legal minds in the country, hoping they’ll have better luck. Ultimately, he has an epiphany and realizes the solution was under his nose all along as he decides to get his best friend married to his long-estranged sister since her son would still be a natural heir. His plan appears full-proof except for one minor detail: his sister’s homosexual as well, leaving him back to square one.

Hugo Pool

A day in the life of a pool cleaner doesn’t sound exciting or glamorous, but you’d be surprised at how fascinating it can be if you observe closely. This is exactly what happens as the movie focuses on Hugo Dugay’s routine, a pool clearer in LA during a drought. Since the dwindling water supply has made her services highly sought after, she gets to meet plenty of eccentric and lively characters that day, including a mobster, a film director, a storm chaser, and a retired comedian. She also has to make time to go and look after her parents. However, her day doesn’t end in a similarly boring fashion as one last trip promises to change her life completely.

The Singing Detective

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about events and instances that would never happen in real life? That is how crime novelist Dan Dark has to pass his days after being diagnosed with a terrible skin condition. Unable to leave his house and enjoy everything the world has to offer, Dan has to content himself with his imagination as he imagines himself a part of the worst criminals in his city as a mole for the local police department. As his condition worsens, he refuses to take any medication, leading him to begin losing his sanity and slip further and further into the fictional world he’s created in his mind.

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