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Queen Elizabeth the Second is the greatest stroke of luck the United Kingdom has ever had, at least in modern times. She’s been reserving all of her energy for the Platinum Jubilee. While we understand the Queen’s desire to create bridges with some of her family, do we want the Meghan and Harry turmoil to overshadow this occasion?

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born to the Duke and Duchess of York on Thursday, April 21, in Mayfair’s residence, 96 years ago. The child was not expected to become one of the greatest rulers of the nation. Only by chance and the vanity of her uncle Edward, who preferred an American divorcee to the English crown, did she become the Queen of the United Kingdom.


Now that she has been on the throne for seventy years, it’s a reason for national celebration and admiration. But it has also highlighted unpleasant and ultimately gravely destructive conflicts within her family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been asked to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the festivities, but they will play no formal role. It will be quite uncomfortable and untenable for Duchess Meghan as she has been placed in a non-speaking position.

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Many traditionalists are understandably alarmed at the possibility of the self-exiled Royal couple causing Her Majesty absolute disgrace by playing any role in the Jubilee – considering the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview, where they accused a senior Royal of being racist, that too when Prince Philip was on the brink of his death.

The Queen’s attachment to her wayward grandson is appreciated, but it threatens to detract from what should be a time of unmatched personal triumph. We certainly don’t want Meghan to steal the limelight from the Queen, as she has done in the past, intentionally or not.

Meghan Overshadowed Eugenie Twice

According to the public, Princess Eugenie appears to have been upstaged by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, on not one but two occasions. When Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, had given birth to their first child, just as the news of the princess’ son began to circulate, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex snatched the spotlight with the announcement that they were expecting their second child. Many couldn’t help but notice that when Meghan found out she was expecting Archie, she informed the royals on the same day Princess Eugenie married.

Meghan Upstaged Kate Middleton With The Children’s Book

The Duchess of Sussex has published “The Bench” on the remarkable connection between a father and son. The book was influenced by her husband, Prince Harry, and their baby Archie. However, the news came only days before the Duchess of Cambridge’s photographic book release. The project was a collection of 100 images depicting life in the UK during the Covid-19 epidemic and had been underway for a year.

The Queen grew up to be the personification of selflessness, modesty, devotion, and service. Values that are seldom seen in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This moment is dedicated to her and everything she has stood for.

If Harry and Meghan care about anything, they will not try to take away the attention from The Queen’s Jubilee.

Bernard Bond

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