Here’s How To Watch The Knights of Sidonia on Netflix


After Earth is destroyed by the Gauna, a race of aliens capable of taking on any shape they choose, the survivors flee in giant spaceships. Only one is known to have survived, the Sidonia. Most of the inhabitants of the Sidonia live in a very high-tech world. They can even be granted immortality, although this is a secret known only to its highest-ranking members. Deep in one of its underground layers, however, Nagate Tanikaze is raised by his grandfather. With no other humans for company, Nagate spends his days on a simulator, learning how to use a “Garde”, a sophisticated weapon capable of defending the Sidonia from the Gauna. Eventually, he becomes highly skilled in its use. How does his story span out? Learn how to watch the Knights of Sidonia on Netflix and find out yourself.

How To Watch the Knights of Sidonia on Netflix

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Ryota Osaka, Aya Suzaki, Aki Toyosaki

Age Restrictions & Genre

This is an anime, Japanese TV program, rated 15 and with an IMDB rating of 7.8.