Watch Love Island USA in Canada

Watch Love Island USA in Canada

ITV Hub has acquired all rights airing the popular TV show Love Island USA. Now the big issue is that ITV Hub is only available in the UK, so for viewers from Canada, I will guide you on how to watch Love Island USA in Canada.

Where to watch Love Island USA Season 3 in Canada?

Although, you will require a VPN service for this workaround. If you visit ITV Hub from Canada, you will get the following error:

“We’re sorry, this video isn’t available right now.”

Now do not let that error shock you; we will bypass it and unblock ITV Hub, using PureVPN.

Here you go! You can see how smoothly we have unblocked ITV Hub from Canada.

How to Watch Love Island USA Season 3 Online in Canada

Follow these 3 steps to watch Love Island US in Canada

  • Subscribe to PureVPN service
  • From the list of server locations choose the UK.
  • Now visit ITV Hub and start streaming Love Island 2021.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Love Island USA in Canada?

A VPN hides your real IP and gives you one of the locations that you want to watch. This way, the streaming service thinks your accessing from the same location. This enables you to watch ITV Hub in Canada.

A VPN can also unblock numerous channels for you and awesome streaming services as well.

You can access streaming services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Netflix, Hotstar and more.

Love Island USA Season 3 Cast

Olivia Kaiser
Age: 28
Current City: Anchorage, AK
Occupation: Business Owner

Kyra Lizama
Age: 23
Current City: Honolulu, HI
Occupation: Covid Relief Worker

Cashay Proudfoot
Age: 25
Current City: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Waitress

Shannon St. Clair
Age: 25
Current City: Bucks County, PA
Occupation: Controller at Construction Company

Korey Gandy
Age: 28
Current City: Virginia Beach, VA
Occupation: Rental Car Agent

Josh Goldstein
Age: 24
Current City: Haverhill, MA
Occupation: College Athlete

Jeremy Hershberg
Age: 27
Current City: New York, NY
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr.
Age: 25
Current City: Ashburn, VA
Occupation: Delivery Driver

Christian Longnecker
Age: 24
Current City: Oahu, HI
Occupation: Coffee Company Owner

Will Moncada
Age: 26
Home Country: Colombia
Occupation: Budtender

Javonny Vega
Age: 26
Current City: Boca Raton, FL
Occupation: Real Estate Investor

Trina Njoroge
Age: 24
Current City: Hacienda Heights, CA
Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse

Wrapping UP

The popular TV show will be airing on ITV Hub. I have guided you on how to watch Love Island USA Season 3 in Canada. Let’s see what drama this new cast has on Love Island.

Just get PureVPN and start watching; if you have any questions, ask in the comment section below.

Adnan Jiwani
Adnan Jiwani

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