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Hulu and Peacock have spent the last year in the driver’s seat by providing a terrific alternative to the Netflix movies. Hulu and Peacock aren’t helping themselves by boosting rates, as the year 2022 began with the company losing more customers than it gained. To bring an end to your confusions, this blog is focused on Hulu vs Peacock to have a comparison between the two.


Hulu is a subscription streaming service in the United States that is primarily owned by The Walt Disney Company, with NBCUniversal of Comcast retaining a minority share. It debuted on October 29, 2007, with a library of films and television programs from networks including ABC, NBC, and FX Networks, as well as Hulu exclusive programming. 

Will Hulu branch out into other countries?

Hulu had been in negotiations for a decade or more to expand to other nations, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada, but plans had always fallen through. Local broadcasters have produced original programs in other locations, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, but the service has never been made available outside of the United States.

Plans for Hulu subscriptions:

  • Hulu — $6.99 per month (Ad-supported access to the streaming library.)
  • Hulu (ad-free) — $12.99/month (Ad-free access to the streaming library.)
  • The Disney Bundle costs $13.99 per month (Hulu with advertising, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus are all available.)
  • 19.99/mo for The Disney Bundle (Hulu ad-free, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus are all available.)


Peacock is currently one of the most popular streaming services. Yes, it’s been about a year in the making, but it’s finally here. The Tokyo Olympics were substantially delayed at that period, and while this isn’t Peacock’s responsibility, it did take away one of the most compelling reasons to use the service.

Peacock has been available for almost a year. It’s tied for fourth place on our list, and it’s one of just two providers we looked at that offers a free basic subscription. There are paid monthly plans available in addition to the free one: 

  • $4.99 per month. 
  • $9.99 per month. 
  • The higher-priced subscription is ad-free.

Some, like Peacock Originals Girls5eva and Vigil, have proven to be two of our favorite new episodes – the type of shows that make you want to upgrade from Peacock’s free to the premium tier. Only one member of staff (Henry) has Peacock for WWE live events and material.

Reasons to Purchase

  • A large selection of vintage TV episodes 
  • Free for Xfinity users 
  • Live WWE events

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weakness in the trending area 
  • Waiting for its must-see shows

Differences between Hulu and Peacock

Peacock TV Premium with adsPeacock TV Premium ad-free
CostUS$4.99 per month US$9.99 per month 
Devices Supports multiple devicesThis plan too supports multiple devices
Content NBC content as well as peacock originals NBC content and peacock complete content library 
AdsYesAd free

Hulu vs Peacock: Price comparison

  • If we compare the prices of both platforms, peacock TV will win. Peacock TV’s basic plan is free. While Hulu costs around $6.99 a month. Hulu has no free tier. 
  • But peacock TV premium with or without ads is paid, and has more content than the free version. While Hulu has no such difference. 
  • The only difference is Hulu+live TV. As it includes live channels too. 
  • And when we compare the Hulu basic package with Peacock premium af supported package, Hulu costs around $6.99 a month, while peacock costs around $4.99 a month. Peacock is cheaper.

Hulu vs Peacock: Content comparison

  • When it comes to content, it depends on the user as to what type of content they wish to watch. Both Hulu and peacock have their originals to offer. 
  • Hulu basic plan has all the content which Hulu premium has. The only difference is ads. Basic plan has ads, while premium doesn’t have ada. 
  • Peacock TV’s free version has ads and it shows comparatively lesser content than the premium version. 
  • NBC content is available on both Hulu and peacock. But NBC content is made available on Hulu directly. But on the Peacock free version, you have to wait for almost a week to get access to NBC content. 
  • With Peacock tv premium (no ads) you will get NBC content one day after the release. 

Hulu vs Peacock: Devices comparison 

  • Both streaming platforms are compatible with a lot of devices. But peacock TV is compatible with lesser devices as compared to Hulu. 

Hulu vs Peacock: Sports and News comparison 

  • Both Hulu and peacock TV offer sports and News. 
  • But the difference is, you get access to news and sports with peacock premium tier. Hulu basic and premium do not have sports and news. If you wish to watch live sports and news on Hulu, you need to upgrade to Hulu + live TV

Hulu vs Peacock: The Final Verdict

Well, the final decision for choosing between Hulu and Peacock is dependent on your choice of TV Shows and movies. Both the platforms are at their best but making a decision between Hulu vs Peacock is a critical decision to be made for saving as much as you can.

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