How to Watch Zee5 in Canada


Which of the following pieces of good and negative news would you prefer to receive first? Let us tell you both at the same time: Zee5, one of India’s most popular streaming sites, has finally arrived in Canada, albeit only with a few titles. Yes! Despite its formal launch in Canada, Zee5 is still subject to geo-restrictions and has fewer streaming options than its Indian equivalent.

Yes, it’s a bummer, but there is a workaround. This means that you can unblock Zee5’s whole collection in Canada. Yes, but only with the assistance of a VPN.

Whether you’re an Indian expat in Canada or just want to reconnect with your native tongue, VPN is your ticket to Zee5’s enormous Indian library.

With a VPN, you can watch Zee5 in Canada

As a result, despite having Zee5 in Canada, your favourite material is no longer exclusive to Zee5. But don’t worry; you can still watch Indian Zee5 if you use a secure VPN connection.

To get Zee5 in Canada, follow these five simple yet effective steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a reputable VPN service and download the software. We recommend ExpressVPN since it has fast and dedicated servers for accessing Zee5 Canada’s Indian-only content.

Step 2: Open the VPN app and sign in using your credentials.

Step 3: Select an Indian server from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Once you’ve created a connection, go to Zee5’s official website and start watching your favourite shows.

Zee5 has a lot of free content, but you can upgrade to the Zee5 Premium plan to get ad-free and exclusive content along with 90+ live TV stations. In terms of material and other amenities, there is a distinction between Zee5 Canada and Zee5 India premium subscriptions.

Quick Rundown of the Best VPNs for Watching Zee5 in Canada

Because you’ll need to utilise a VPN to access Zee5 Canada’s full catalogue and Club subscription, make sure you start with the correct VPN service. After exhaustively evaluating over 20 VPN services, we’ve narrowed down the best ones that are just excellent for unblocking Zee5 while also giving incredible viewing speeds for Ultra-HD content.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN to watch Zee5 in Canada?

Individual production houses generally loan content rights to streaming sites like Zee5, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. These rights specify where content must be transmitted around the world.

Distributors like Zee5, on the other hand, frequently buy these streaming rights based on demand. Because the demand for Indian material in Canada is slightly lower than in India, it makes little sense for Zee5 to purchase all of the content broadcasting rights in order to stream it in Canada; hence, the geo-restriction!

We understand that it is perplexing, but it is what it is! So, don’t get caught up in all this licensing and copyright nonsense, and get yourself a good VPN! a master key that opens the door to Zee5’s whole Indian collection in Canada. It works well at practically transferring you to India, allowing you to watch any Zee5 video without limitation.

Best VPNs for Watching Zee5 in Canada – In-Depth Review

  1. ExpressVPN 

It has 3000+ servers worldwide with 2 servers located in Italian cities.

  • Its security protocols, just like the Aes-256 bit encryption technique, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and WireGuard audit all of the safety layers, and make sure that they are working well within the network.
  • Huge server allocation, exceeding the 2speed factors.
  • Unblocking of geo-restricted websites.
  • Robust security protocols.
  • Kill Switch, Split-tunneling, and WireGuard facility.
  • A Live Chat option is there for the purchasers so that they can post in their queries for an instant response back, and a fast query rendering within seconds.
  1. PureVPN

Another VPN that comes along the way is the mighty PureVPN. It lets you access all your favourite TV shows and movies. You can easily watch geo-restricted content in your region using PureVPN on your streaming device. 

PureVPN provides the user with the WireGuard protocol as well as additional security features like multihop and diskless servers. In addition, it offers 24/7 live chat support and a verified zero-logs policy.

  • High encryption (AES-256-GCM cipher)
  • WireGuard protocol in use across its network
  • Security features: multihop and diskless servers
  • Verified zero-logs policy 
  • No leaks (IP or DNS)
  • Allows P2P traffic on multiple servers
  • Easy-to-use apps 
ExpressVPN General Streaming


Get started in minutes with an ultra-secure VPN for anonymous browsing

  • Be anywhere: 3,000+ servers in 94+ countries
  • Industry-leading VPN provider
  • 24/7 support via email and live chat
  • Risk-free trial: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Special deal: Get 12 months + 3 months free
PureVPN General Steaming


VeHigh encryption via the AES-256-GCM cipher
WireGuard protocol in use across its network
Extra security features like multihop and diskless servers
Verified zero-logs policy and no IP or DNS leaks
Stream now and allows P2P traffic on many servers
Easy-to-use apps and 24/7 live chat support

Is it possible to stream Indian Zee5 in Canada with a free VPN?

For numerous reasons, you cannot use a free VPN to watch Zee5 in Canada. For starters, most free VPNs do not have dedicated streaming servers. If they do, they are frequently overloaded, resulting in slow streaming speeds and poor video quality.

Second, these services are not as secure as they claim to be – they either track your internet behaviour or display dangerous and deceptive advertisements.

Furthermore, some free VPN companies sell the online data of their users to third-party advertisements. They will, of course, look for other ways to make money now that they aren’t getting it from you. Overall, free VPNs make little effort to protect your online privacy and data. The only safe option for you is to invest in a premium VPN; they are quick, efficient, and most importantly, secure!

Compatible Devices with Zee5 Canada

Zee5 is available to stream on a variety of devices, including:

  • Desktop PC or laptop
  • Mac
  • Android devices
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV
  • iOS devices

Comparison of Zee5 Subscription Packages and Features

Users in Canada can choose between two premium packages offered by Zee5. The bundle offers access to 4500+ blockbuster movies and 200+ web series, as well as 5 simultaneous displays and an ad-free streaming experience.

However, you can save money by connecting to an Indian VPN server, as Zee5 India is less expensive than Zee5 Canada. Furthermore, if you subscribe to Zee5 using an Indian IP address, you can get a free trial, as well as additional services like 90+ live TV stations and early access to TV premieres. For three months, the ZEE5 Premium membership costs Rs 299, and for a year, it costs Rs 499.

On Zee5, what should you watch?

Looking for something to watch on Zee5? So, here’s your road map. We’ve produced a list of the most popular Zee5 TV series and films. Add them to your list, download the Zee5 app, and start binge-watching!

  1. Fitrat
  2. Welcome!
  3. Uri: The Surgical Strike
  4. Special
  5. Pavitra Rishta
  6. Kehne ko Hum-safar Hain
  7. Zero KMS
  8. Loser
  9. The Casino
  10. Yaara
  11. Lalbazaar
  12. Abhay
  13. Kaali
  14. Ishq Aaj Kal
  15. Kaafir


Is ZEE5 available in Canada?

Yes, Zee5 is available in Canada, but only with a restricted collection of content. Because of distribution rules or content copyrights, only a restricted amount of tiles are available to Canadians on Zee5. Zee5 India, on the other hand, provides a large library and content in 12 languages that you can stream for a low price. More content at a lower cost? That sounds like a great offer, doesn’t it? As a result, it is recommended that you watch Zee5 in Canada using an Indian VPN server.

How to watch Zee5 in Canada?

Zee5 is available in Canada, but it has a smaller library and a more expensive membership than Zee5 in India, therefore all you have to do is connect to an Indian server of a reputable VPN provider to view Zee5’s huge library in Canada for a lower price. ExpressVPN is the only VPN provider that can do this effectively.


To summarise, Zee5 Canada is now available. Geo-restrictions, on the other hand, may cause you to miss out on some of the best programming, which is only available on Indian Zee5. In terms of exclusive material in 12 languages, vast collection, subscription feel, and savings, the Indian version of Zee5 is the best. With the use of a solid VPN such as ExpressVPN, Surfshark, or NordVPN, you can unblock all of Zee5’s content in Canada and stream whatever you want!