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It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you’re having a Peacock problem since you’re here. This article is all about how to fix peacock error 6007, so stay with us till the very end if you want the proper solution.

You can be confident that Peacock Error 6007 is what Peacock subscribers encounter; once you understand what it is and how to resolve it, you should be ready to go.

What does Peacock Error 6007 mean?

When you attempt to log into the Peacock app on your smartphone or even when you wish to see the account information, the Peacock error number 6007 displays and will interfere with your ability to broadcast.

There are a few primary computer problems that might cause the Peacock error code 6007 to occur, as well as server difficulties on Peacock’s end that you are unable to resolve.

The second explanation for this error is related to problems with the Peacock android app, which are once more ascribed to connectivity and server-side problems.

How to resolve error code 6007 for Peacock

Some customers claim that by using the internet connection alone, they were able to resolve this problem. The error code 6007, however, may not always be simple to resolve when there is a known server outage with Peacock.

To begin debugging the problem, adhere to the procedures.

Look into your internet connection.

As the first and most obvious step, you should check to see if your internet connection is operational.

As we already said, there is a potential that the device’s poor internet connection is the reason for this error number.

Ensure a good signal and an active Wi-Fi connection.

Change Your Browser

It may be a problem with your browser if you continue to get the Peacock error number 6007.

Check to see whether the Peacock error number 6007 has vanished by switching your browser.

Ideas for other browsers to try:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Brave Browser

Helpful Note: A majority of streaming services are supported by Google Chrome.

The cache of your browser

If switching browsers didn’t fix the Peacock error number 6007, a caching problem could be at blame.

Clear the cache in your browser’s settings after checking them.

Device restart

Restarting your computer or mobile device should come first, followed by your modem. The majority of problems you could encounter can be resolved by restarting all of these devices, which also helps you determine if the issue is on your end or Peacock.

It is advised that you contact Peacock customer service if it turns out that rebooting your devices did not solve the issue.

Make a call to Peacock Support

If you are continuously facing problems you can obtain help from Peacock support if you are still unable to resolve the 6007 problem code.

They have a significant probability of being able to assist you in finding a solution.


Why do I keep receiving Peacock Error 6007?

Peacock error code 6007 can result from a variety of causes. Errors in the hardware or the software may be the reason. It can be a problem with the internet connection, the browser, or even a server problem or outage.

How can Peacock Error code 6007 be fixed?

In certain circumstances, restarting your device could help.
However, if the problem continues even after the restart, try clearing the cache, or switch to another browser, or you might need to get in touch with Peacock support for more help.

Why is Peacock TV functioning now?

Peacock is failing for a number of reasons. Most of the time, this problem may be resolved on its own, but occasionally you may need to restart the device or the app or check your internet connection. Contact Peacock TV customer service if the issue continues.


You can find out if you can solve the mistake on your side or not by utilising the techniques mentioned above. As we hinted at before, this is not the best way to correct the error and might rule out your end of the problem.

You should go to the relevant instructions for those problems if it does seem to be an issue with your internet connection, modem, or other devices.

Before contacting Peacock support, make sure to attempt all of the aforementioned methods.

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