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The unique Coronavirus allowed these platforms to stretch their muscles in the face of a worldwide socio-economic catastrophe, not that streaming services weren’t popular before the pandemic occurred. As a result, when other firms were failing due to a decline in customer base, content-streaming behemoths like HBO Max vs Hulu enjoyed unprecedented increases in viewing and subscriptions. With the shrinking budget it has become increasingly important to choose from these two platforms. Hence this blog is going to contain the prices and the features that are provided by the two to help you pass the final verdict.


The main selling point of Hulu + Live TV, Hulu’s big brother, is that it’s the only service that combines live TV with VOD. It’s a substantial package. It includes a big collection of other on-demand series and movies, in addition to fantastic original programming such as exclusive titles like The Handmaid’s Tale. You also receive access to over 65 live and on-demand channels.


Hulu + Live TV costs:

  • $75.99 per month, 

Whereas Hulu, the standalone VOD service costs:

  • $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year with advertisements 
  • $12.99 per month without ads.

This is due to Hulu’s large catalog of 21st Century Fox programming, which is too mature for Disney Plus. In terms of video, Hulu only allows only one stream at a time. Hulu + Live TV adds another stream, bringing the total to two. Although some of its original episodes are accessible in 4K, the majority of its material is only available on HDTV.


  • A good TV and movie collection is available.
  • With its live TV streaming feature, it’s a good deal.
  • If you don’t mind commercials, it’s a good deal.


  • At any given moment, the base service can only support one stream.
  • Max

Before streaming services took over, HBO was the epitome of high-quality grown-up entertainment. The network that brought us masterpieces like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and True Detective has now branched out into the streaming realm.

Not only do you receive access to HBO original material with HBO Max, but you also get access to Warner Bros Studios and DC Comics content. The year 2021 has a lot of promise for the platform. With Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Justice League set to hit theatres early next year, we should expect a significant increase in the service’s subscriber base.


HBO Max is introducing a lower-cost, ad-supported tier. This version will be available for $9.99 a month. It does not, however, include all of the bells and whistles included in the $14.99 edition. It doesn’t support 4K video, you can only stream one movie or program at a time, and you won’t be able to watch new Warner Brothers films for free.


  • A vast library of film and television programming is available.
  • Appealing apps
  • Parental authority
  • Mobile viewing while offline


  • Same-day theater releases ending
  • No live sports programming
  • No free trial available

BO Max combines all of the elements that have made HBO such a fan favorite in the internet world, and it does so with style. The streaming service offers users access to hours of high-quality video. Some may be put off by the lack of 4K viewing, but the material is simply too amazing to pass up. Hence our final vote goes for HBO Max.

Ruba Ashfaq

Ruba has been a part of the team as a Streaming Journalist. She's exploring, learning and growing every day. She spends most of her time either researching & writing or in her calligraphy studio.