Altering the Past, Peeking into the Future: Best Time Travel Movies To Watch

Altering the Past, Peeking into the Future: Best Time Travel Movies To Watch

We’ve all secretly wanted to go back into the past and change some things or wanted to peek into the future to see how things eventually turn out. However, we can’t really do that. At least not yet. But until we do have some kind of technology that lets us do this, we can, of course, enjoy movies that let us live out our fantasies of time travel. So, here are the best time travel movies you might want to watch:

X-Men Days of Future Past

Few movies manage to portray the “changing of the guards,” so to speak, as successfully as X-Men: Days of Future Past. The central plot takes Wolverine back to the past in the 1970s, while in the present, the old mutants are being attacked by the sentinels. Wolverine is supposed to meet up with the younger iterations of these mutants and avoid setting off events that would lead to the eventual threat that mutants will face in the future. However, as you may have imagined, the past is a dangerous thing if you try and meddle in it, and Wolverine manages to change most things for the better. However, some things are worse off and could represent even more dangerous threats ahead.


Technology has finally allowed men to take control of time and bend it to their wishes. However, this newfound ability is not always used for good. Joe is a hitman. However, both his targets and modes of payment are unique. The mob sends people back in time, where a looper shoots them. This leaves no blood trail in the future. However, one day, the looper realizes the man he’s supposed to shoot is himself, or more accurately, himself from the future. It is the perfect way for the mob to “close the loop.” We’ve all heard it repeated time and time again that you shouldn’t meddle with the past and the future, but what if the future begins meddling with the present?

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I must be honest here. Of all the movies on this list, T2: Judgement Day is unarguably my favorite one. Moreover, while technically being a time travel movie, it is simultaneously an excellent action movie. The plot follows a similar T-800 as the first movie, only this time, the humanoid is sent back in time to defend a target rather than take it out. Often ranked one of the best movies ever made, the second Terminator movie revolutionized the movie industry due to its action sequences, CGI, storyline, and most memorably, the one-liners. The film guaranteed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s status as the most recognizable action star from the 90s.

La Jetée

This is another movie I deliberated on for a while, thinking about whether to include it in this list or not. After all, it is by far the shortest movie on this list at just 28 minutes, but make no mistake, it is 28 minutes of some of the finest time travel cinematic experience you’ll ever have. Described as a “photo novel,” the movie’s plotline centers around a man who must find a past memory if he wishes to save the present. But the plot itself isn’t what makes this movie so captivating. The brilliant cinematography and practical effects give the viewer the most realistic feeling of what fluctuating between the past, the present, and the future might feel like.

Back To The Future

The movie starts in the 1980s, with Marty McFly hoping to win a music contest with his band. However, things in his own house are far from ideal as his parents continue to be social failures, and so do most of his siblings. Fearing that he’ll end up like them, he’s visited by his eccentric unclear who’s somehow stolen a time travel car from some terrorists. Eventually, Marty finds himself back in the 1950s, soon discovering his parents in their high school. He inadvertently alters the timeline as he begins to see his older siblings fade in the picture. He realizes he must find a way to get his parents to fall in love, or he’ll never exist in the first place.

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