Missing Out On Some Gems: The Best Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now

Missing Out On Some Gems: The Best Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now

Good shows can be hard to find. While there’s no shortage of good shows from the past that you can always go back to on the streaming platform of your choice. However, new shows can often leave you wanting, both in terms of new ideas and the overall storyline. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Unsurprisingly, there are still some extraordinary TV series streaming right now you should probably start catching up on from today. So, here are the best TV shows you should be streaming as soon as you can. 


Millions of other viewers like myself were probably puzzled when MCU announced WandaVision. Marvel was clear about one thing: it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen on television, much less in past MCU movies and shows. So, when the show first aired, expectations were high. So was the speculation about what the show would really be about. Without any spoilers, the show is like any other sitcom that might have been released in the late 50s and 60s.

With a live studio audience, the dinner party shenanigans seem to be the central plot points. However, all of that is a coverup for something much more sinister going on behind the scenes. The two powerful characters, Scarlet Witch and Vision, seem to be struggling against an unknown but immensely terrifying new foe.


Readers of the French novelist and satirist Maurice Leblanc’s work will need no introduction to Lupin. Lupin the series is based on Leblanc’s character of the same name, who happens to be both a gentleman thief and detective owing to his Sherlock Holmes-esque skills in solving crimes. What sets him apart from his English rival is that he often uses his talents for nefarious reasons, traversing the border routinely between hero and antihero.

The show introduces the viewers to the early years of Lupin from his home in Senegal all the way to his famed exploits in Paris. While several other plots and short stories are covered in the series, the main plot remains anchored around the iconic Mona Lisa burglary, which he believes will cement his legacy.

Russian Doll

What do you get when you seamlessly marry horror, comedy, and abstract art on screen? Russian Doll. There’s no better way to explain the show and its central concept than a mixture of all three. The story revolves around a woman named Nadia. All seems well for the first few minutes as she’s invited to an upscale New York party as the guest of honor. What follows is complete madness as she discovers the party to be inescapable, quite literally. Nadia tries and dies hundreds of times as she tries to leave the building and the party, failing each time. She then regains consciousness at the exact moment each time and gets to retry all over again.

It may not be the first time we’ve seen characters die multiple times in a medium, thanks to Groundhog Day, but it’s never been done as audaciously as Russian Doll has. That is quite an achievement in itself.

The Expanse

Is there a lack of shows talking about a dystopian future? No. Is there a lack of shows about shows that take a fresh approach to what a dystopian future might look like apart from an Orwellian theme? Yes. The Expanse is one of the few shows that manage to take a different approach. It follows the case of a young woman who’s on the run.

Through the use of some futuristic technology, she brings a detective and ship captain into the future to help her unearth what might be the biggest coverup in human history. Adding more to that would be tantamount to spoilers but rest assured, you’re in for a roller coaster of a ride as the twists and turns will have you questioning the direction humanity seems to be taking in real-life.

Resident Alien

Few subjects manage to capture our imagination quite as much as the possibility of aliens living among us. Whether it’s invasion movies or a discovery movie, our relationship with aliens is a complicated one, at least on screen. Resident Alien follows a similar discovery concept as an alien crashes onto Earth. He finds himself in a small town and up the form of a local doctor.

His plan remains a mystery, but it’s threatened when he discovers that a young boy can see his actual alien form. Confident that most townspeople won’t believe the boy, he goes ahead with the plan but begins exhibiting something he never knew he was capable of: feelings.

Yasir Nawaz
Yasir Nawaz

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