Where man hath a will, Anne Hathaway: Underrated Movies Starring Anne To Watch

Where man hath a will, Anne Hathaway: Underrated Movies Starring Anne To Watch

Anne Hathaway is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood today. Whether it’s starring in a billion-dollar production in The Dark Knight Rises or a Victor Hugo musical in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway has done it all. And that’s reflected in the fact that she’s won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe while regularly featuring in the Forbes Celebrity 100 over the past decade. Over the years, her filmography demonstrates her versatility as a thespian and her bankability as a leading actress. However, despite being such a big name, some of her movies haven’t garnered the same acclaim or attention as they should have. Keeping that in mind, here are some movies starring Anne Hathaway that you should check out in case you haven’t:

Bride Wars

How obsessed can you be with having the perfect wedding? How about devoting 20 years to planning every little minutia of what your future wedding would look like? That’s what two childhood friends, Emma and Olivia, did once they witnessed a dreamy wedding when they were both six. Because of their obsessive planning, everything has unfolded exactly as they’ve planned over the years.

They’ve both met the loves of their lives and plan on getting married at the exact location. However, a clerical mistake threatens to undo all their years of planning in a bit. This causes a rift in their friendship as they both resort to the pettiest of tactics to ensure the other one can’t have the dream wedding they’ve been planning for two decades.


Most people think of the Alice in Wonderland series as Anne Hathaway’s most memorable fairytale movie performance as the White Queen. However, she’s also appeared as another iconic character, the Red Riding Hood, in Hoodwinked! There are plenty of twists and turns in this one to make it worth your time as it focuses on the two cops that are sent to investigate the scene of the crime.

Yet they soon discover that the reality is not as clear as it seems. Red Riding Hood clearly has some hidden agendas, while the Big Bad Wolf might have been manipulated into committing the crime. To make matters more interesting, the Granny and the Woodsman are not exactly as honest as they might seem at first, revealing an entire cobweb of conspiracies.


It’s surprising how Passengers isn’t more well-known, considering how it manages to combine three distinctive genres like romance, thriller, and mystery so seamlessly. It follows Hathaway’s character, Claire, a therapist. She’s assigned to act as counsel for five arson survivors. While she tries her best, she can’t help but have romantic feelings for one of the survivors, Eric.

She realizes the unethical nature of these feelings. She’s about to recuse herself from the survivors when she learns that the other survivors are mysteriously disappearing. Her past conversations with the group indicated that the five survivors, in particular, knew more than they were letting on, especially Eric. Hence, she continues the relationship, hoping to find out exactly what’s going on.

The Other Side of Heaven

The year 2001 was a big one for Hathaway as it marked her debut and an instant entry into the spotlight thanks to The Princess Diaries. However, the same year she appeared in a lesser-known movie that explored much more profound themes in The Other Side of Heaven. She plays the role of Jean, the girlfriend of John, a recent Christian seminary graduate about to be sent to Tonga for his first assignment.

This venture causes a rift between the couple as John feels morally obliged to fulfill the oath he took, while Jean feels he’s being selfish by leaving her all alone. It’s a time of moral question for both as John struggles to find some semblance of balance in his life, while Jean learns to be more self-reliant. But more importantly, what do they both want from life and each other?

Becoming Jane

Growing up, most of us read or have at least heard of literary classics like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and so many others. Through these works, Austen made herself a permanent feature in the annals of world literature. However, comparatively lesser emphasis is placed on Jane Austen herself than her works. Becoming Jane, featuring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen, focuses on the personal trials and tribulations she endured before penning any of her works.

Her parents wanted to marry her off as soon as she came of age. Fearing that a marriage would be the death of her ambitions, she runs away and ends up having a love affair. This brief affair leaves a lasting impression on her mind while opening up the mysteries of the heart that were visible in so many of her works.

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