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Prepare your snacks and get set to watch an uninterrupted live stream of the ITTF Table Tennis Championship 2022. On Sunday, November 6, the ITTF Table Tennis Championships 2022 began, and Granada is electrified with anticipation for the biggest international sporting event held in Spain this year. All the participants arrived on November 4.

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Why is Eurosport restricted in Puerto Rico?

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Miguel Rodriguez Retires from ITTF Table Tennis Championship

Every athlete’s career, regardless of the sport, comes to an end; for one competitor at the present Andalucia 2022 World Para Championships, the career has come to a perfect finale, win or lose. Miguel Rodriguez will formally leave the professional scene on November 12th, and it’s important to note that he will do so in his hometown of Granada.


A long and illustrious career, with the first notable international medal earned in 1998 at the International Masters in Italy in the men’s team class 3 and the most recent in the men’s team class 4-5 at the 2020 Egypt Para Open. In total, Miguel Rodriguez and the city of Granada can be justly proud of their accomplishment, which brings the total number of medals won on the international stage to close to 70.

Into the history books of the ITTF Table Tennis Championship

K.Gitae and S. Yanghee of the Korean Republic permanently inscribed their names into the history books of sport. On the afternoon of Monday, November 7, they became the first-ever winners of a doubles competition at an ITTF Table Tennis Championship.

When and Where is ITTF Table Tennis Championship going to commence?

Seven days of incredible competition began with an inspirational opening ceremony that featured the competitors performing to a flamenco beat. The ITTF Table Tennis Championship 2022 began on Sunday, November 6. On November 4, participants started to show up. Additionally, a promotional event was held on November 2nd at 6 p.m. at Nevada Shopping, the largest shopping center in Spain. Play began on November 6 with doubles, marking the first time that such events have been held at an ITTF Table Tennis Championship. On Tuesday, November 8, the men’s and women’s singles tournaments will begin at 4 p.m.

ITTF Para Table Tennis Championship Live Venue

The playing hall occupies one side of the arena and features eight tables and a 30-meter screen. The location also features improved handicap accessibility thanks to the installation of 10 restrooms specifically intended for wheelchair users, two ramps for the practice area, and two for the entrance. Six low-platform buses and other specialized transportation, including fully accessible accommodations, are available for use there.


ITTF Table Tennis Championship Format

In 2022, team events will be replaced by doubles, and all competitions will be decided by a straight knockout format. There will be 39 events in total, with a total of 51 countries represented. The itinerary includes 152 doubles matches. In total, 82 standing players and 70 wheelchair players will compete in the first three days’ worth of competitions. A total of 315 matches are planned, including 183 standing contests and 132 wheelchair contests.

ITTF Table Tennis Championship Rankings

Senior Singles Ranking List Men

1DAN Zhendong18490 pts
2XU Xin17260 pts
3MA Long17020 pts
4LIN Gaoyuan13390 pts
5HARIMOTO Tomokazu12990 pts
6CALIDERANO Hugo12315 pts
7LIN Yun-Ju12150 pts
8Flack Mattias11695 pts
9LIANG Jingkun11205 pts
10BOLL Timo10685 pts

Senior Singles Ranking List Women

1CHEN Meng19750 pts
2SUN Yingsha16400 pts
3ITO Mima15830 pts
4WANG Manyu14555 pts
5DING Ning13450 pts
6ZHU Yuiling12225 pts
7LIU Shiwen12075 pts
8CHENG-I-Chong11710 pts
9ISHIKAWA Kasumi11100 pts
10WANG Yidi11035 pts

ITTF Table Tennis Championship Prize Money

The ITTF Table Tennis Championship includes invited competitors competing for a total prize fund of $1,000,000 USD each year. This is the biggest tournament in terms of total prize money on the ITTF schedule. For instance, the 2017 German Open Men’s and Women’s Singles champions each took home a very nice $24,000 USD. In addition, the competition had $900 USD in prizes up until the round of 32.

In Australia, the majority of tournaments are not as pricey. The Brisbane Open has a $1,000 prize pool, compared to a $350 prize pool for the Toowoomba Open (2022). For open tournaments at the Brisbane Open, both men and women get the same amount of money.

ITTF Table Tennis Championship All-Time Medal Count

1 China (CHN)542527106
2 France (FRA)352949113
3 Germany (GER)33203083
4 South Korea (KOR)22221963
5 Poland (POL)13161342
6 Spain (ESP)961126
7 Austria (AUT)7121433
8 Sweden (SWE)7111836
9 Czech Republic (CZE)611926
10 Slovakia (SVK)69823

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ITTF stand for in table tennis?

ITTF stands for International Table Tennis Federation.

Which country is the best in table tennis?

Table tennis is unquestionably the most popular in China. They have developed a reputation over the previous 50 years for dominating global championship events, including taking home every gold medal at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

Where to watch Table Tennis Live Championship?

You can watch ITTF Table Tennis Championship live stream uninterrupted on Eurosport Channel

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Wrapping It Up!

On Sunday, November 6, the ITTF Table Tennis Championships 2022 began, and Granada is electrified with anticipation for the biggest international sporting event held in Spain this year. All the participants arrived on November 4. You can watch ITTF Table Tennis Championship live stream uninterrupted on Eurosport Channel. 

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