How to watch ‘They/Them’ in Singapore


Blumhouse’s gay-enabling slasher flick They/Them, featuring Kevin Bacon, will make its Peacock debut on August 5, 2022. This article is made just for you to know how to watch Peacock and its amazing content from anywhere.

The class film, initially known as Whistler Camp, stars Bacon as Owen Whistler and is based at an LGBTQIA+ transformation camp. Whistler invites various Queer and trans campers for seven days of programming.

The campers find a secret killer who starts taking casualties as the camp’s tactics get more and more psychologically unpleasant. The kids gather together to defend against this monster.

John Logan, a seasoned Hollywood screenwriter, wrote and directed the film They/Them.

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What is They/Them about?

They/Them is an LGBTQ+ conversion therapy camp for teens, and Owen Whistler is in charge of it. The course is intended to continue for one week, but many of the participating teenagers are dubious about the techniques.

Is They/Them movie worth watching?

The movie has a very intriguing plot. As the week goes on, the other camp staff members gradually get more insane, and their tactics become more unpleasant psychologically. When a strange murderer wearing a scary mask starts killing people at the camp, the campers are forced to band together to fight the danger.

Is They/Them movie horror?

They/Them, in contrast to many other horror flicks, aims to challenge viewers’ perceptions by bringing attention to significant societal concerns. The movie will undoubtedly denounce conversion therapy’s divisive practices, but it will focus mostly on supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Who is included in the They/Them 2022 cast?

  • The They/Them’s director, Owen Whistler, is portrayed by Kevin Bacon.
  • The camp’s newest employee and medic, Molly, is portrayed by Anna Chlumsky.
  • Cora Whistler, the wife of the They/Them’s director Owen Whistler and a certified therapist in charge of the campers’ treatment sessions, is portrayed by Carrie Preston.
  • Jordan, a transgender and non-binary camper from a religious upbringing who has struck a pact with their parents to become legally emancipated if attending Whistler doesn’t “work,” is portrayed by Theo Germaine.
  • Alexandra is a transsexual lady whose parents threatened to throw her out of the house if she didn’t go to the camp. Quei Tann plays Alexandra.
  • Toby, a gay camper who bartered with his parents for a vacation to New York in return for a week at Whistler Camp, is portrayed by Austin Crute.
  • Kim is portrayed by Anna Lore, a secret lesbian camper who maintains a flawless façade for her family and friends in the hopes that she would be adored once she fits in.
  • The character of Veronica, a bisexual camper who wants to stop hiding who she is, is played by Monique Kim.
  • Cooper Koch portrays Stu, a jock with goals of earning a swimming scholarship and joining his father’s fraternity—goals he feels he cannot achieve if he is out about his sexual orientation.

Is there a They/Them trailer available?

What is They/Them IMDb rating?

The IMDb rating is currently unavailable for They/Them.

Is They/Them a Peacock original?

Yes, They/Them is a Peacock original. You may watch it via a VPN if it is restricted in your region.

What are the reviews for They/Them on Twitter?

The movie has portrayed the LGBTQIA+ concept in a very interactive way. I personally believe this was the first time ever where the voice has been raised for the community in a very different manner. Why don’t you watch it yourself to have a better idea about the movie? Watch it on Peacock now!

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What are the Peacock-supported Devices?

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What is the runtime of the movie?

The film has a 101-minute running duration.

What is They/Them release date?

They/Them is set to premiere on the Peacock on August 5, 2022.

They/They: Wrapping it up!

They/Them, a group of LGBT campers at Whistler Camp, discover they must band together to defend themselves from an anonymous killer who begins murdering individuals in traditional slasher film fashion.