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Netflix will launch a sports documentary, Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story, on August 11, 2022. If you’re anxious to know how to unblock Netflix’s geo-restricted yet amazing content in your region then this article can help you out.

A talented cast of Leo Baker, Melissa Bueno-Woerner and Alexis Sablone put life to this biography. This documentary looks at Baker’s risks at work to be true to himself.

In this movie, Leo Baker, a well-known skateboarder, talks about his rise to fame and how it clashed with his coming out as a trans man.

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What is the official release date of Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story as announced by Netflix?

Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story is releasing on Netflix on August 11, 2022.

Why you might need a VPN to access Netflix in your locality?

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What is Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story centered on?

Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story by Nicola Marsh and Giovanni Reda depicts the upheaval of societal shift rather elegantly by following a skateboarder’s quest for self-fulfillment despite the demands of gendered expectations.

What does the plot of the story depict change?

The commonly held adage Change is tough is rarely comprehended more potently than by people who go through transformational experiences. This needs them to consciously choose to emerge on the other side as a different person. This is a typical experience for many transgender people, whose decision to pursue personal fulfilment frequently impacts how they see the world and where they fit within it.


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Who is Leo Baker in Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story?

Leo Baker rose to fame in the women’s skateboarding scene at a young age, becoming one of the sport’s most renowned competitors and securing a place in the 2020 Olympic skateboarding competition. The issue, of course, is that by that point, he had already realized that he was a transgender man leading a double life.

How does Leo Baker live in privacy?

In private, he was able to go by his chosen name and be properly gendered by friends and family; in public, however, his career depended on the brand recognition of his birth name and status as a woman skateboarder.

Is there Stay On Board: The Leo Baker trailer?

When was Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story shot?

Stay On Board was mainly shot in 2019 in the Olympics. It follows Baker as his personal and professional problems get worse. The world loves him under a name that hurts, and he’s afraid of what he’ll lose if he’s honest. Being one of the 1st skateboarders to compete in the Olympics is a chance that will never come around again.

Does Leo Baker go through a mental burden during his life?

The mental burden of giving in to what fans and sponsors want only worsens over time. The gap between Leo’s private truth and his public persona keeps getting bigger, and it’s starting to hurt his career and, more importantly, his sense of who he is. Leo talks about how he was put under pressure from a young age, which made him grow up to embrace femininity. This wasn’t just because kids are usually separated by gender, but because he was accepted as a young woman in sports.

How have the directors portrayed the life of Leo in Stay On Board: The Leo Baker?

Marsh and Reda never try to present Leo’s story as anything more than a biographical snapshot of this critical time in Leo’s life. Instead, they use talking head interviews with his friends, family, and professional acquaintances to fill in thematic gaps between footage of them following Leo. Still, because of how specific they are, they hit on some of the most relatable parts of being a transgender person.

What are the Netflix supported devices?

Below are the Netflix-supported devices:

What to watch on Netflix right now?


When is Stay On Board: The Leo Baker releasing?

The documentary will release on August 11, 2022.

Where will the documentary release?

The documentary will release on Netflix.

Wrapping up

Leo Baker is a good skateboarder and a happy, fulfilled person who happens to be transgender. His story is worth telling if it can convince even one trans person to follow their dreams.

Ruba Ashfaq

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