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Hellraiser isn’t the only horror movie that Hulu has planned for this Halloween season. October 21, 2022 is set to premiere a low-key folk horror film for the fans to watch Matriarch, which adds to the growing number of unique horror films.

The film stars Sarah Paul, Franc Ashman, and Keith David Bartlett, written and directed by Ben Steiner. Sharp House’s Ian Sharp and Eoin O’Faolain and co-producer Alexa Waugh provided production services, while David Worthen Brooks, Arbi Pedrossian, and Jenna Cavelle served as executive producers. The 20th Digital Studio is responsible for the film’s development and production.

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What is Matriarch 2022 about?

A woman returns to the house she grew up in after surviving an overdose and being diagnosed with a mysterious sickness, expecting to confront her demons but instead encountering a real one.

What is the plot of Matriarch (2022)?

The Matriarch goes beyond the expected horror show premise of a character who survives a horrific drug overdose. The plot of Matriarch centers on Laura Birch (Rooper), who, after an overdose, flees the high-stakes pressures of the industry and returns to her rural upbringing. Laura accepts her divorced mother’s offer hoping that some time alone in the quiet English town would help her deal with the demons she’s been carrying. She learns quickly that everyone in town has something to hide and that this secret is connected to her mother and her awful fate. 

Where can I watch the Matriarch (2022) official trailer?

Like its storyline, the trailer strongly indicates that the film will be grim, enigmatic, and terrifying. We all know that Laura is the one we should be pulling for. The question is, “Will she survive?” 

What’s the cast of Matriarch (2022)?

The producers of The Matriarch put forth a lot of effort to find the perfect actors to play the film’s pivotal roles.

  • Sarah Paul plays Abi
  • Simon Meacock plays Leonard
  • Cole Christina
  • Franc Ashman plays Maxine
  • Jemima Rooper plays Laura
  • Celia plays Kate Dickie
  • Celinde Schoenmaker plays Katrin Keith
  • David Bartlett plays Ken
  • Nick Haverson plays Gerald.
watch matriarch 2022

What is the release date of Matriarch (2022)?

On October 11, 2022, in Hollywood, California, Matriarch will make its global debut at the 2022 Screamfest Horror Film Festival. The movie debuts on Hulu on October 21, 2022. 

What is the Matriarch (2022) IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating?

There are currently no ratings for Matriarch since it has not yet been released. 

Where to watch Matriarch (2022) online?

The movie Matriarch will be available to Hulu subscribers. 

What are the reviews of Matriarch (2022)?

The film has been described as “A slow simmering powder keg” by Starburst Magazine, and the ending has a storyline surprise that few people will see coming. According to the Daily Dead, the film will also leave an impression long after seeing it. 

What are the reasons to watch Matriarch (2022)?

A new horror movie is just the thing to get you in the mood for Halloween. The streaming service Hulu, among others, has established itself as a must-have not just because it has every episode of every show ever made but also because of the quality of its quality content. This month, Hulu will be debuting Matriarch, starring Jemima Rooper and Kate Dickie. 

Where can I watch this Matriarch (2022) for free?

The movie is not available for free.

What else can I watch on Hulu?

What’s currently streaming on Hulu?

  • Reasonable Doubt
  • Reboot
  • Wedding Season
  • Tell Me Lies 
  • Under the Banner of Heaven
  • Reservation Dogs
  • Ramy
  • The Patient

What’s coming to Hulu soon?

  • Annabelle: Creation 
  • Bitterbrush 
  • Abandoned
  • Wyrm 
  • Being Flynn 
  • Benediction 
  • The Hair Tales: Two-Episode Series Premiere 

What are the early reactions and comments about Matriarch (2022)?

Fans are psyched about the addition of Matriarch on Hulu because it makes Halloween even better. 

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