How to watch ‘Iron Chef: Brazil’ in China


The legendary and influential reality TV series, Iron Chef: Brazil, is set to be premiered by Netflix on August 10, 2022.  It’s another version of the iconic Iron Chef, refined with the touch of Brazilian cuisine.

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Rising culinary talents will compete against the best chefs of the town in this gastronomic contest. Both groups will compete in a series of challenges to win the title of Iron Chef. 

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What is the official release date of Iron Chef: Brazil as announced by Netflix?

Iron Chef: Brazil is releasing on Netflix on August 10, 2022.

Why you might need a VPN to access Netflix in your locality?

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Who is going to host Iron Chef Brazil?

It will be co-hosted by the actress, Fernanda Suza, and culinary professor-chef, Andressa Cabral.

When did Iron Chef begin?

Iron Chef debuted on Japanese television prior to broadcasted in United States, Australia, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand, and other countries. It is renowned for the challenges of coming up with inventive delicacies in a limited amount of time.


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Is Iron Chef: Brazil worth watching?

It’s another version of the iconic Iron Chef, refined with the touch of Brazilian cuisine. Contestants will compete with the best chefs of Brazil in this culinary contest. It will be hosted by the actress, Fernanda Suza, and culinary professor-chef, Andressa Cabral, who will make the show even more flavorsome. As usual, this season will also leave the foodies in awe of culinary magic and it will be an emotional ride too.

What to anticipate from Iron Chef: Brazil episodes?

Each episode will feature guests as well as executive chefs, Rosa Moraes and Laurent Suaudo, evaluating the candidates. Chefs are challenged to prepare meals that include the secret ingredient just like the original show contestants. The winner of this round will advance to the final round when they will compete against other Iron Chefs and will be regarded as the Iron Legend.

Who is included in Iron Chef: Brazil Netflix cast?

  • Fernanda Souza As Host & Competitor
  • Andressa Cabral As Host & Competitor
  • Rosa Moraes As Judge
  • Laurent Suaudeau As Judge
  • Rafa Gomes As Competitor
  • Bianca Barbosa As Competitor
  • Bar and Yayá As Competitor
  • Alex Atala As Guest
  • Singer Péricles As Guest
  • Eliana As Guest
  • Leandro Karnal As Guest
  • Whindersson Nunes As Guest

Is there Iron Chef: Brazil Netflix Trailer available?

What are the Netflix-supported devices?

Below are the Netflix-supported devices:

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When will Iron Chef: Brazil release?

The show will air on Aug 10, 2022.

Is the show available on Hulu?

No, the show is unavailable on Hulu.