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My dear people in Canada, this Christmas Santa might not visit you, so make sure to not isolate yourself. Since it’s been 20 years since Darlene’s daughter disappeared. Shudder is back again with the horror thriller movie. “The Apology” is a thriller mystery film with a chunk of horror. Casting the well-known actors’ Anna Gunn, Linus Roache, and Janeane Garofalo. Alison Locke directs the movie in the dark room. You can stream the movie as your festive treat on the Shudder on December 16 in Canada.

Quick steps: How to watch The Apology on Shudder using a VPN

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Why is Shudder not accessible in Canada?

Many streaming services restrict their content from being accessed by people in countries other than the home country of the streaming service. This means that there’s a whole world of entertainment that opens up when you start using a reliable, high-speed VPN service.

By the way, there’s a nifty comparison of our recommended VPNs at the end of this article.

What is the short The Apology about?

The story revolves around the alcoholic girl, Sally. Who went missing 20 years ago. Alison Locke directed and featured the movie, “The Apology”. The thriller mystery movie is based on Grief, Guilt, and Attempted atonement.

What’s the plot of The Apology?

The plot of the Apology is a dark room thriller fantasy mostly a locked room thriller. The plot is about the girl who went missing 20 years ago. Her mother Darlene seems still recovering from the grief of her disappeared daughter, Sally. After two decades she hosted a Christmas dinner for her family beside her best friend Gretchen (Janeane Garofalo). However, her brother-in-law came to her house uninvited with dark secrets which were buried long ago. According to him, Darlene caught up in snow storm from a deadly game in which the eventual goal is to take revenge.
The movie is based on the theme of the character’s isolation, misery, and mental state faltering. All over it seems like one of these characters is involved in the disappearance of her daughter.

The Apology official trailer

Here’s a little sneak peek of what can be anticipated from the movie The Apology

What’s the cast of The Apology

The following cast members are starred in the festive special thriller:

  • Holland Bailey as Sally Hagen
  • Janeane Garofalo as Gretchen Sullivan
  • Zena Leigh Logan as Reporter
  • Linus Roache as Jack Kingsley
  • Esmé McSherry as Young Sally
  • Anna Gunn as Darlene Hagen
Cast of The Apology (2022)

What is the release date of The Apology in Canada?

The film The Apology aired on December 16 on Shudder in Canada.

What is the IMDb rating of The Apology?

The Christmas special thriller The Apology has an IMDb rating of 4.9 out of 10.

Where to watch The Apology online in Canada?

You can watch the short The Apology on Shudder exclusively.

What are the reviews of The Apology?

Simon Abrams of Roger Ebert says, “The Apology is a grim and mostly satisfying locked-room thriller about Darlene and Jack’s complex and often unpleasant conversation.”

While pinpointing the gaps in the film further, he says, “The Apology could have been a sad wallow that vainly pushes buttons for cheap catharsis. That’s ultimately where the movie lands, but by that point, the film’s already successfully put you through the wringer. Anything after that isn’t as important.”

Where else can I watch The Apology online in Canada?

The movie The Apology is only available to watch on Shudder in Canada.

What else can I watch on Shudder?

How are the fans reacting to The Apology?

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