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Canucks, are you ready to revive the story and, of course, those past vibes of the Night Court series from 1984 to 1992? The successful series scored 31 Emmy Nominations and seven wins throughout its nine seasons. Night Court brought laughter, joy and endless hilarious legal practices of Judge Harry T. Stone. This time again, with the announcement of the release of Night Court Season 1 and India de Beaufort’s casting seems to be excited yet curious about a revived new comedy series and her acting. Read the full article on how to watch Night Court Season 1 in Canada on January 17th on NBC.

Quick steps: How to watch Night Court on NBC using a VPN

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  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to NBC.

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When and where to watch Night Court online in 2023?

The all-new series with new faces and an updated storyline is set to bring laughter and smiles to fans around the world. Feeling excited to stream the upcoming worth-watching series? But don’t know where to watch Night Court Season 1 in Canada? You can watch it on NBC from 17th January 2023. However, you will need a reliable VPN to access the platform.

What is Night Court about?

Night Court is about taking the original series to a further extent in which Abby Stone, Judge Harry Stone’s Daughter, will be seen as Judge in the courtroom. However, episodes will follow the same format as the original Night Court, in which Abby and her courtroom team will seem busy in sorting out the most complex and critical cases until late at night. So, don’t forget to watch the cases being solved in the Manhattan arraignment court.

What is the plot of Night Court?

The plot of Night Court comprises Abby Stone’s mission to bring dignity to the court after the demise of her father, Judge Harry Stone. She takes accountability to oversee the night shift at a New York City court (Manhattan arraignment court). Moreover, Abby enlists former night court district attorney (late Harry’s colleague) Dan Fielding, to serve as the court’s public defender.

The over-confident Dan now needs to adjust to a new judge, (of course) his job, and a new night shift staff including the court’s officious assistant district attorney, Olivia, most concerned and worried clerk Neil and quick-witted bailiff Donna ‘Gurgs’ Gurganos.

Canucks, mark the date! As the new series brings fun and comedy with a well-written storyline that will refresh memories from the 1980s-1990s.

Watch Night Court Official Trailer

Here’s the new team to bring justice at night!

What are the reviews of Night Court?

A user from YouTube says

“Night Court is in my top 5 favorite shows of all time. I’m still on the fence about this, but at least John Larroquette is in it. He makes everything better. We’ll see.”

A user from YouTube says

This is a show I never expected to see a return – especially after Harry Anderson’s passing – but I’m so very glad is. I kind of hope we’ll see Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield eventually pop up. Those three were the reasons I watched the show until Bull was carried off by aliens in the finale.”

What is the release date of Night Court?

The release date of Night Court is 17th January 2023 at 8 p.m. ET (Canada time) on NBC. After the premiere, the series will be available to stream on Peacock. Canucks watch Night Court Season 1 3 episodes on CTV in Canada for free.

Night Court 2023 Cast and Crew

The Night Court is written by Dan Rubin and produced by John Larroquette while the executive producers are Melissa Rauch, Winston Rauch and Dan Rubin.

Richard Moll turned down the chance to play Bull again in the initial series. Marsha Warfield said she has not been contacted to play Roz. Melissa Villaseor, Faith Ford, Pete Holmes, Kurt Fuller, Stephanie Weir, Lyric Lewis, Johnny Weir, and Tara Lipinski will appear as guests on the series.

Official NamesCast Names
Melissa RauchAbby Stone
John LarroquetteDan Fielding
India de BeaufortOlivia
LacrettaDonna “Gurgs” Gurganos
Kapil TalwalkerNeil

Night Court Reboot Episodes

The first season has seven episodes, all of which are certain to make us laugh.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 1 | Pilot | January 17th, 2023

Judge Abby Stone takes over the night shift of a Manhattan arraignment court; when a defence lawyer is required, Abby appoints her late father’s colleague and former night court prosecutor Dan fielding.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 2 | The Nighthawks | January 17th 2023

Abby encourages Dan Fielding to embrace his new job as a public defender; Neil joins Abby’s mission to better the courtroom and quickly discovers why attempting is for the birds.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 3 | Just Tuesday | January 24th 2023

Abby makes mistakes in the courtroom. Neil joins Abby’s mission to better the courtroom and to make things right on track she adapts an all-business approach which catches everyone off-guard.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 4 | Dav v. Dating | January 31st 2023

Dan attempts to date but it turns out to be more complicated than he anticipated. On the other hand, Olivia and Gurgs find something unexpected on a hunt for a new office.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 5 | Justice Buddies | February 7th 2023

Gurgs’s tween nephew and some of his fellow students visit the court for a school project. However, the motive behind the visit was something else and things get out of hand for Abby, Dan and the night court team.

Night Court Season 1 Episode 6 | Blood Moon Binga

Night Court Season 1 Episode 7 | Marathon-thon-thon-thon-thon

How to watch Night Court (1984) in Canada?

Nothing gives you a good laugh than the old 90’s sitcom. You can watch the original Night Court about Judge Harold T. “Harry” Stone in Canada on Apple iTunes and Google Movies Play. All 9 seasons are streaming online on these platforms.

What are the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Night Court in 2023?

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

Tomatometer: 71%

What are the critic’s reviews of Night Court?

Kristen Baldwin from Entertainment Weekly says, “The new series — a semi-sequel that pairs Larroquette with The Big Bang Theory‘s Melissa Rauch — is innocuous, quirky, and mildly amusing, like its predecessor. We may never know the “why,” but the what, at least, is perfectly fine.”

A.V Club’s William Hughes questions the entirety of series saying, “The old-school theme song and decidedly retro credits sequence suggest that there’s at least some nostalgia hunting going on, but that can’t explain the series’ whole existence. And there are laughs to be had here, even if they’re delivered less naturalistically than modern comedy fans might be used to.”

What are the age restriction and genre of Night Court?

The comedy TV series is rated as TV-PG means the content is not suitable for the younger audience due to adult comedy and inappropriate scenes.

What are the fan reactions to Night Court?

Check out how the fans are reacting to Night Court.

What other shows can I watch on NBC?

NBC offers many amazing shows that are also available to stream on Peacock.

Where else can I watch Night Court in Canada?

Night Court is only available on NBC and Peacock. Canucks, cannot stream the series on any other platform.

Why was Night Court cancelled?

NBC intended to renew the show, but Warner Bros. wanted to sell it elsewhere. As a result, the series ended up with a bizarre finale. The show’s creators treated it as if the ending was imminent. Some of the original writers were even called back to finish the series. They laid the basis for some amazing character journeys culminating in a satisfying end.


Is Night Court based on a true story?

Night Court is a comedy series based on the court staff that tackles the cases till late at night. The episodes follow the format of the original Night Court series.

Why were there so many cast changes on Night Court?

Because many of the previous cast members died but are remembered by their fans.

What is the runtime of Night Court


Each episode has a runtime of 21 minutes.

What is the shooting location of Night Court


The show is set during the night shift of a Manhattan Criminal Court, which is presided over by Harold “Harry” T. Stone, a young, unconventional judge.

Was Night Court filmed in front of a live audience?

The new “Night Court” is a multi-camera sitcom that was produced on a soundstage in front of a live studio audience.

Where can I buy the episodes of Night Court at the best price?

Two episodes of season 1 are available to buy at the best price on Microsoft.

Was Night Court a spin-off of Cheers?

No, since both shows were aired at the same time and received critical praise and popularity, many people mistake Night Court for a spin-off of the iconic NBC comedy Cheers. Night Court (1984) was an original series that aired on NBC.

Who is returning to Night Court?

After a 30-year layoff, John Larroquette will reprise his renowned role as Dan Fielding, a Manhattan Municipal Court lawyer.

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Wrap Up

Canadians don’t miss out on a reboot of the Night Court series, coming to our screens with more laughter. Watch it on NBC as it premieres on 17th January 2023. Canucks, use our recommended VPN to free stream Night Court Season 1 without interruptions.

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