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Bonjour canadians! Not everything that shines is gold, and Tammy Wynette and George Jones’s life gives an ideal example where the seemingly extravaganza life has hidden catastrophic realities that will give you an intense experience like never before. Canucks, scroll the article till end to read how to watch George & Tammy on Showtime on December 4th, 2022.

Quick steps: How to watch 'George & Tammy' on Showtime using a VPN

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By the way, there’s a nifty comparison of our recommended VPNs at the end of this article.

What is the release date of George & Tammy online ?

Canadians, if you are stressing where to watch George & Tammy online, don’t worry we are here to help you. George & Tammy will be free streaming on December 4th, 2022 on Showtime. Using a good VPN and make the access of Showtime media library easy. Don’t miss the chance! Start streaming now!

George & Tammy official trailer

What is the series George & Tammy about?

The series is based on Georgette Jones’ book The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George, that gives an in-dept glance of the family’s difficulties. George and Tammy appeared to be an idealistic couple on screen, but there were hidden toxicities that polluted their relation. The two-time divorcees met while dating other people and fell in love as they trauma bonded. The series fully explores why they never met a happy ending.

What is the plot of George & Tammy?

George & Tammy is a story unfolded from their daughter’s perspective where she highlights the factors which made love fade away and eventually her parent’s relationship went into ruins. In the book, Georgette highlights what it was like coming home to her father’s excessive alcohol habits and her mother ODing on pills. But despite that, the series reveals happy memories too. After all, the marriage did last for six years.

What’s the cast of George & Tammy?

Official NameCharacter Name
Jessica ChastainTammy Wynette
Michael ShannonGeorge Jones
Steve ZahnGeorge Richey
David Wilson BarnesBilly Sherrill
Zachariah MalachiCharlie Justice
Kate ArringtonCharlene Montgomery
Joshua C. AllenLou Bradley

George & Tammy Latest News

‘George & Tammy’ Creator Abe Sylvia on Why the Finale Was Poetic, Not Tragic

Finally, at least on screen, George Jones and Tammy Wynette went off into the sunset.

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George & Tammy Series-Finale Recap: Help Me Make It Through the Night

George Jones and Tammy Wynette were never going to have a happy ending.

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George & Tammy

What are the reviews of George & Tammy?

The New York Times says, “Shannon and Chastain’s heartfelt renditions are the show’s connective tissue.”  Further adding, “The country songs that they sing tend to be beautifully constructed, self-contained dramas.”

While Variety writes, “Jones and Wynette lived the kind of lives that you could write a truly sad song about, from the euphoric highs of lust and career success to the painful lows of addiction and health struggles and marital strife.”

What are the user review of George & Tammy?

I was fascinated from beginning to end! Amazing casting was used. The task has been grasped by both actors. Jessica is absolutely gorgeous, and her voice is amazing. The moment with the flipping table is fantastic. Even though we all know it won’t end well, I’m still here for the rest of the performance and this famous love story that inspired several famous songs.

What is the IMDb rating of George & Tammy?

The IMDb rating of the season George & Tammy is 7.5/10. The show is worth watching because it is based on a true story and drama. The rotten tomatoes score for the season is 67%.

What is the critic review of George & Tammy?

Craig Mathieson from The Age (Australia) says, “Although there are some clichés in this film, such as George’s self-destructive behaviour or Tammy’s obsession with her job, Shannon and Chastain never forget the dramatic authenticity of their roles.”

Episodes of George & Tammy – Release Dates, Recap Details & Much More

There will be six episodes of George & Tammy will be release on

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 01 [S01E01] – The Race Is On: 5th December 2022

When Tammy Wynette is selected to open for her idol, George Jones, she receives a huge break; yet, their potential collaboration confronts a significant challenge despite their immediate chemistry on stage and in the bedroom.

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 02 [S01E02] – Stand By Your Man: 12th December 2022

Running away together proves challenging since George’s past is impeding their future as a recording duo and Tammy’s past threatens to derail their plans for marriage.

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 03 [S01E03] – We’re Gonna Hold On: 15th December 2022

When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself in Las Vegas, Tammy is compelled to wonder if George can handle the strain. George and Tammy are on top of the world.

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 04 [S01E04] – The Grand Tour: 26th December 2022

Tammy’s main Christmas wish is for George to become sober. When he can’t, their relationship reaches a breaking point, prompting Tammy to issue a severe threat. When George calls her bluff, they find themselves singing depressing carols.

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 05 [S01E05] – Two-Story House: 2nd January 2023

In the wake of their divorce, Tammy is at the top of the charts and George is at the bottom of the bottle. But George finds career rebirth by channeling his grief into music, just in time for Tammy to plan a reunion tour. and take a significant action that will alter not only her life but also everyone else’s.

George & Tammy Season 01 Episode 06 [S01E06] – Justified & Ancient: 9th January 2023

The former President and First Lady of Country Music have reunited for one farewell tour after more than ten years apart due to a tragic occurrence. Will the most dominant power couple in country music achieve clarity and grace before facing their final curtain? the final episode of the series.

Where else can I watch George & Tammy?

The first episode of the series will premiere on Paramount+, while the rest of the episodes will be released on Showtime. So if Showtime is included in your Paramount+ bundle, you can easily stream the series. 

What else can I watch on Showtime?

What are some early reactions and comments about George & Tammy?


Where is George and Tammy being filmed?

The miniseries George and Tammy is being filmed in North Carolina.

George and Tammy bases on true story?

Yes the series is bases on true events, officially based on the 2011 biography The Three of Us: Growing Up and documented over time The six-part sitcom didn’t need to dramatize much because Tammy and George, played by Georgette Jones, were their only kid together to make it an exciting trip.

Who is the director of George & Tammy?

John Hillcoat directs George & Tammy.

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Wrap Up

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