Best Peacock TV Animated Shows


Are you looking for the best-animated shows on Peacock? We are too. After watching hundreds of T.V. shows, we came up with this list of what we think are the Best animated shows on Peacock.

Peacock Network is an American broadcast entertainment company. It telecasts a variety of shows and programs loved by kids. Kids love to watch animated shows, and Peacock Network provides them with the kind of shows they crave. 

We’ll reveal some of the best-animated shows from this genre in the list below. As we go through our inventory, you’ll see why these shows deserve to be standouts over other series. Getting suspicious to know about their details? Track us below! 

  1. Nina’s World

Nina’s World is a children’s animation series from the United States. It follows the exploits of Nina, a 6-year-old girl who seems to be a bird but is a person who lives in her thoughts with her buddy Bird. She visits new places, tries fresh foods, and, of course, makes new friends.

Then, before heading to bed, she mulls over her adventures with her buddy Star. Every episode takes the titular character on a unique experience.

The series’ pilots were filmed in 2007, and it launched on Disney Channel and Toon Disney on March 11, 2012.

  1. Where’s Waldo

Waldo and Wenda are members of the World Wide Wanderer Society, a worldwide group of curious travelers who thrive on learning about other cultures.  What’s more? They’re sent on various missions by their mentor, Wizard Whitebeard, and must use teamwork, wit, and deductive reasoning to succeed.

Unfortunately, they’ll also have to be wary of the meddlesome “anti-wanderer” Odlulu, their arch-rival, who can’t help trying to foil all their plans.

  1. Curious George

Curious George is a Nickelodeon-produced animated television series created by Universal Media Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. The series is based on the same-named 1957 children’s book, which stars Curious George, The Man with the Yellow Hat, a naughty monkey, and his owner and closest friend.

When you’re as interested as Curious George, you never know what’s around the corner! Everyone’s favorite little monkey gets up to some hilarious, well-intentioned trouble while learning some S.T.E.M. concepts.

There’s always something new and fascinating to discover for George and his pals — Chef Pisghetti Professor Wiseman, Ally, Bill, Jumpy Squirrel, and many more – whether they’re in their city apartment or their rural home.

  1. Tina & Tony

Tina, the baby elephant, and Tony, the newborn hippo, are closest friends. They dwell in Cookie Village, a fantastic realm inspired by the nurseries and playgrounds of (human) children.

Tina and Tony daydream, plan and have unique experiences with their friendly animal companions. In addition, the characters serve as role models, encouraging emotional awareness and problem-solving.

  1. Dragons: The Nine Realms

An adaptation of the television series How to Train Your Dragon set 1,300 years after the movie is aimed at elementary school-age children. 

It is now legend that dragons exist until a group of children discovers an unknown world.

The celebrities who voice the six-episode series are Julia Stiles, Marcus Scribner, Lauren Tom, Justina Machado, and D’Arcy Carden.

  1. Madagascar: A Little Wild

‘A Little Wild’ is the show’s prequel to the 2005 film of the same name. It features the beloved characters as children living in the Central Park Zoo. Last year featured the first non-binary animated character in a preschool series when Odee the Okapi visited. The show is chock-full of both adorable animals and positive messages.

Madagascar: A Little Wild follows Marty, Alex, Gloria, and Melman as they grow up in a rescue habitat at the Central Park Zoo. They might be small, but these guys have big dreams like everybody who lands in New York. So nothing will stop them from getting it!

  1. The Croods: Family Tree

The series picks up where The Croods: A New Age left off. Expect slapstick fantasy violence, some scary wild animals, and high-intensity action. While there’s no iffy language, there’s mean behavior and passive-aggressive exchanges. Eep and Guy’s teenage romance continues to blossom and is a significant plot point.

Two very different families join forces to create a new community, an us-against-the-world, cave person co-op on the most fantastic farm in prehistory history. The journey from sparring rivals to unlikely friends is fraught with hilarious misadventures. 

Nevertheless, the two families slowly overcome their differences to turn a treehouse divided into a tree home united.

  1. Spine Chilling Stories

Spooky stories like “The Forbidden Schoolyard” and “Who’s Outside My Door” are just creepy enough to chill the spines of thrill-seeking kids. Under-five minutes apiece, the original animated tales are told by a live-action narrator. “Don’t turn out the lights!” she “warns” viewers before each show.

Still, the mysterious nature of the series is probably best suited for older grade-schoolers (fourth and fifth grade).

These two-sentence horror stories are not only frightful but also pretty inventive. There are numerous fantastic scary stories, so a triple-dare would be to watch them alone at night. Instead, check out the tall tales for yourself. Vote for the ones that gave you the largest goosebumps ever, and share this article with your brave friends.

  1. Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes Of The Sky

“Heroes of the Sky” is a “comedy action-comedy” about two twins who grew up with dragons. Dak and Leyla were rescued from a shipwreck at an early age by a kindly dragon who raised them alongside her son Winger.

These two children and their five dragon pals look after dragons and people in exchange for their mother’s generosity. It is an interesting show with an amazing lesson so, must check it out. 

  1. Cleopatra In Space

Cleopatra in Space details the untold story of Cleopatra’s teenage years.  During which she travels to a galaxy ruled by talking cats and discovers that she is the prophesied savior of the universe

To prepare her for her duties as savior, she goes to an elite. So, there she is trained to take on the bad guys and figure out how to return home to Egypt.

Then, after being sucked into a time portal, Cleopatra finds herself 30,000 years later. 

  1. Trollstopia

Trollstopia is an all-new animated series starring Queen Poppy from Trolls World Tour. She invites representatives from the forest’s funk, country, techno, classical, pop, and rock tribes. Then they live together in a vast experiment she calls (what else?) a Utopia for Trolls.

Trollstopia! They’ll love the humor and the catchy songs featuring all your kids’ favorite characters and new friends. 

  1. Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotlout are back to protect their tiny Viking island of Berk. They prevent their town from evil people while exploring new regions outside their archipelago at the same time. 

Additionally, they’ve set themselves the goal of discovering, investigating, and assisting new dragon species in their desire for humans and these misunderstood monsters to coexist together. Dragons: Riders of Berk, also available, is the next installment.

  1. Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here!

In the movie Archibald Strutter, actor Tony Hale stars as a chicken who casually improvises with his sidekick Bea (the bee).

He sometimes finds himself far from home, but his siblings – brilliant scientist Loy, outdoorsy Sage, and artistic Finly –are always around to help him out. The sixth series season will be released on October 14.


Based on our extensive viewing experience, we have provided you with a complete and unbiased description of every show. We hope that you have enjoyed going through the list of peacocks animated T.V. shows. 

Even though many animated series are running, you can’t help but love them. You can even say that peacock animated shows are addicting. Don’t forget to lest us know that which animated show you liked the most among this list?