10 Best Netflix Zombie Movies to watch right now


In the 22 years that Netflix has been in business, the company has undoubtedly traveled a winding and fascinating road, establishing a solid reputation among its customer base. Because this media services provider provides material of an exceptionally high standard, it is really unlikely that you will be unable to locate anything entertaining to watch when you have some free time. You will probably be able to locate the most recent movie, some older titles that are well known to us, and a new hit series watched by all of your friends.

We have decided to devote the whole of today’s material to a single subgenre of films, namely those dealing with zombies. The following is a list that we have created of some of the most outstanding films from the film business that are now accessible on Netflix. We know that it is not always easy to discover all of the movies you want to watch on Netflix; nevertheless, we are optimistic that this streaming platform will soon add more films to its movie catalog. You are free to take advantage of the games currently accessible, including the top ones outlined in the following paragraphs. If you’re prepared, let’s get this show on the road.

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Train to Busan


We always have high expectations for the films that come out of Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that other parts of the globe can’t also create cinematic works of art. One example of this is the movie “Train to Busan,” which was released in 2016 and was directed by Yeon Sang-ho, a film producer from South Korea. Several well-known South Korean cinema actors, including Jung Yu-mi, Gong Yoo, and Ma Dong-Seok, have lent their voices to the lead roles in the drama. It is interesting to note that the official debut of Train to Busan took place at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.



If you like scary yet funny movies, you may find that the movie Zombieland is the perfect fit for you. This film was released in 2009, and it features some well-known actors, including Emma Stone, Amber Heard, Jesse Eisenberg, and Bill Murray, amongst others. It is essential to remember that Ruben Fleischer served as the film’s director.

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A man called Oh Joon-woo, who runs a live-streaming service for video games, is in South Korea with his family when an unknown sickness breaks out in his apartment complex and turns the affected residents into vicious cannibals. Oh, he is home alone at the time. The streamer is locked up in his apartment as the gruesome illness spreads across the city. He is shut off from the outside world and has few alternatives for escape, but he is determined to live regardless of the odds. If you’ve ever thought that a zombie apocalypse may make #stayathome more interesting, then “Alive” is the show for you. It seems that Twitch broadcasters who have a supply of ramen on hand are in an excellent position to wait out the end of the world. If the CGI-heavy sequel to “Train to Busan” in 2020 failed to excite you, you may pretend it never occurred and imagine that “#Alive” was the film that was supposed to come after it. Don’t let the awful hashtag title fool you into thinking anything else.

Army of the Dead 


“Army of the Dead” is a spiritual successor to “Dawn of the Dead,” which was Zack Snyder’s first feature picture. The film is a mashup of a heist thriller and a zombie movie and serves as a spiritual sequel to that film. The metropolis of Las Vegas swiftly succumbs to the voracious sickness that spreads across the city when a military traffic accident lets a zombie-free. As a result, the government is forced to quarantine the city.

 Six years later, a gang of mercenaries is hired to penetrate the quarantine zone to retrieve two hundred million dollars from the vault of a casino before the military detonates a nuclear weapon and destroys the city, along with all of its zombie inhabitants. “Army of the Dead” is a film that is stupid and is well aware of the fact that it is funny. It is a genre mix that has spectacular set pieces and unusual stakes. How could you possibly be uninterested in the concept of zombie showgirls and a zombified tiger? Oh, hell yes!



A young lady named Ada falls in love with a construction worker named Souleiman while living in a suburb of Dakar, Senegal. The skyscraper that has just been erected towers above the neighborhood. However, she is horrified when the construction workers, who have not been paid for their work on the contract, depart by the sea in pursuit of a better life in Spain. She has a pledge to another guy, and her heart breaks when she learns this news. Some days later, Ada’s wedding is destroyed in a fire, and her town starts to suffer from an unexplained fever around the same time.

 Although it is not a “zombie film” in the traditional sense, filmmaker Mati Diop provides an intriguing look at the restless dead, enough to earn it a position on our list. “Atlantics” exists at the intersection of multiple various genre spaces, one of which being the gothic romance space; as a result, it spans numerous lines, and the best way to enjoy it is to walk into it blind.

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During a supply run, Andy and his wife, Kay, have mastered the art of surviving the zombie apocalypse. However, zombies attack Kay just as they achieve this apparent mastery. Andy has just 48 hours left to live, but he is willing to put everything on the line to get Kay to a hospital. They were involved in a vehicle accident during the trip, and when Andy came to, he discovered that his wife had changed. Andy has been bitten, and he has just two days left to live. He has to find a new family for his young daughter, Rose since she will soon be an orphan. While traveling across the Outback with a single, unyielding goal in mind, Andy has to negotiate what is left of humanity to establish a secure future for his daughter. “Cargo” is a magnificently dramatic genre treasure that carries equal strength as a statement on Australian indigenous concerns. It is anchored by the superb lead performance delivered by Martin Freeman. The film is heartbreaking.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North


This feature-length prequel to the popular Netflix series is set during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, and it explores the backstory of the enigmatic tribal heir Ashin as well as the origin of the strange plant that triggered an unprecedented cascade of tragic events throughout the kingdom, including an unnatural plague that resurrects the dead. The series itself was a hit on Netflix. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t seen the “Kingdom” series yet. 

“Ashin of the North” is a completely functional side-quel that works both on its own and as an introduction to those who desire to dip their toes into the horror period piece. “Ashin of the North” is a fully working side-quel. “Ashin of the North” is a film that is equal parts a story of vengeance, a zombie action-thriller, and a war epic. The film has a scope and a narrative grasp, and Kim Si-a gives a gut-wrenching performance as young Ashin. Movie fans, do not allow the fact that it has been shown on television to deter you from checking it out!

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Pet Sematary


The story of “Pet Sematary,” which is remarkable for being an entry in the subgenre of “well, well, well, if it ain’t the repercussions of my deeds,” follows the unfortunate Creed family as they relocate to their new country house, which turns out to be less idyllic than they had hoped for.

 After a string of misfortunes, the family patriarch, Louis, is driven to investigate a local urban legend about a cursed burial place where the dead refuse to be buried for more than six feet. The horror film “Pet Sematary,” equipped with a straightforward but completely gut-wrenching narrative trajectory, has a nasty attitude toward grieving that, despite the fact that there are a few goofy touches here and there, can’t help but get under your skin.

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Quebec, Canada, the rural areas have been left ravaged, barely inhabited, and utterly swarming with the infected in the aftermath of an epidemic that resembles zombies. Even though their numbers are decreasing and they are being driven farther and deeper into the woods to escape the flesh-eating hordes, the few survivors who are still alive try to maintain some semblance of normality. “Ravenous” is a straightforward story about surviving in a hostile environment, but it delivers a brutal punch despite its simplicity. The film is filled with tension, bloodletting, and a cast of characters that grow on both the spectator and each other.

Soul Thieves (aka Ladronas de Almas)


The events of “Soul Thieves,” which occur in the early 19th century during the struggle for Mexican independence, find a band of Spanish bandits seeking safety in a complex that a group of sisters manages. It doesn’t take long for the robbers to figure out that the Cordero sisters’ main line of defense against them isn’t firearms but rather zombies. “Soul Thieves” is a rough-around-the-edges B-movie that will bring some grisly flavor to any double zombie feature. The film owes a tribute to the material that Val Lewton produced during his period, such as “I Walked with a Zombie.”