Family And Kids Movies: 11 Best Netflix Family Movies


Although streaming has opened up many choices in terms of watching alternatives, it can sometimes be daunting to select what to watch, particularly when you think about everyone in the family. Because of this, we’ve put up a carefully selected list of the greatest family movies on Netflix. This list goes down to the most acceptable movie-watching alternatives that people of all ages (or at least the majority) may enjoy together. They vary from heartwarming live-action tales of real-life heroes to humorous and entertaining animation films.

However, our ranking of the top movies for families and children on Netflix does not consist of Disney productions; instead, it includes films from various studios, decades, and categories. Therefore, if you’re seeking the ideal kind of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy, we’re very optimistic that you’ll discover something suitable for watching. Below is a complete list of our picks for the top family movies streaming on Netflix.

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Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood


Since most of Netflix’s original animated films for children focus on bright colors and computer animation, we were shocked and happy to learn that Richard Linklater was the director of Netflix’s newest and greatest film for families. This time around, Linklater is recreating what it was like to be a youngster during the space race by using his passion for rotoscope animation. The story is recounted from two points of view: a little boy named Stan, who has always had the ambition to go to the moon, and the astronauts and mission control team working during the first lunar landing.

The Adam Project


There is a lot on this list that older children and teenagers may not be interested in, but there is one item that parents can confidently suggest to older children and teenagers. Adam is a guy who has traveled back in time to rescue humankind and deal with some of the emotional baggage he has around his parents. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Adam in this film. The Adam Project is one of the greatest movies for families that you can watch on Netflix. 

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Hilda and the Mountain King


If you and your loved ones haven’t seen Hilda, an incredible animated series that you can find on Netflix, now is the perfect moment to do so since the movie that serves as the series’ sequel has just been released. This fantastic concert has a vibrant and healthy energy, yet it also has a charming presence and an emotional resonance. This extended episode looks at one of the show’s most pressing issues, “what’s up with the human/troll conflict?” and does it in the most convenient way possible: by telling the narrative of a fish, tha becomes stuck in its natural environment. The storyline is straightforward: Hilda, the protagonist, awakens in the body of a troll and is given two objectives: to transform back into her human form and protect the city of Stolberg.



You don’t believe we need an origin narrative for Santa, do you? Klaus defies convention because he provides an origin story for a much-loved character, although the film business has trained many of us to be cynical of movies of this kind. Jesper, who Jason Schwartzman voices, is a pampered postman who, somehow, gets friends with Klaus, who J.K. Simmons, the local toymaker, voices. The story of this magnificent animated picture is set in the fictitious town of Smeerensburg. Veteran performers, such as Joan Cusack and the late Norm Macdonald, are likely to be well-liked by audiences in their latter years.

Escape The Undertaker


You may better suit this digital pick-your-own-adventure movie for children who are a little older (CSM recommends it for children aged nine and above), but it provides something that your children may not have experienced in quite some time. You are in charge of making choices for WWE Superstars The New Day, who have traveled to The Undertaker’s eerie castle to pay their respects. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have a funny connection together, and it’s great for kids of all ages since it works for both younger and older youngsters. Have difficulties entering your option into the system?

My Octopus Teacher


Have you had enough of Netflix’s absurd and over-the-top animated movies, usually populated with animals with excessively extended monologues? Do you want to surprise your children with a night of movies unlike anything they have ever experienced? This documentary about a filmmaker who wants to get away from it all and flees to the coastlines of South Africa would appeal to viewers aged eight and above, according to Common Sense Media. The film follows the filmmaker as he goes on his journey.

When scuba diving in the nearby kelp forest, he became friends with a local octopus. The two are together for almost a whole year, contributing to their love’s authenticity and intensity.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2


I can guarantee that you will like How to Train Your Dragon 2 even if you haven’t seen the first film in the series since that’s how I encountered this fantastic follow-up for the first time. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is in theatres now. We were both in our late 20s at the time, and we enjoyed the beautifully wholesome world of Hiccup and Toothless along with a buddy when it was raining in Maine.

The idea of this film is straightforward: Our protagonists uncover a hidden cavern that is home to hundreds of free-roaming dragons and, much to their surprise, Hiccup’s long-lost mother (Jay Baruchel). Oh, and Cate Blanchett lends her voice to play the role of Valka, his mother.

Wish Dragon


Wish Dragon, an animated film produced by Sony Pictures Animation will attract many children due to its bright visuals and crazy antics; yet, the film will also hold the interest of the children’s parents due to its outstanding cast of voices actors. John Cho, Constance Wu, Bobby Lee, and Jimmy O. Yang have contributed their voices to a project that will undoubtedly resonate with a younger audience.

Din, whose voice is provided by Jimmy Wong, is a college student with big goals but a limited budget. He is assisted by Long, a wish-granting dragon portrayed by Cho. Imagine Aladdin, but with somewhat more significance attached to it. One other thing contributing to its believability is that Jackie Chan produced Wish Dragon.

Enola Holmes


Streaming service Enola Holmes is recommended for households searching for a cheerful, vibrant, and action-packed mystery. Millie Bobby Brown, well known for her role as Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things, appears in this movie and lends contemporary sensibilities to the times depicted. And you are correct in assuming that Enola is a member of the Holmes family. However, her older brothers Sherlock (portrayed by Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (played by Sam Clafin) are among those who are perplexed by the fact that their younger sister is surprisingly unrestricted in her behavior for her era. Brown does very well in part, successfully blending the humorous breaching of the fourth wall that often exclusively occurs in older female characters like Fleabag. Except for a few battle sequences that include knives and weapons, parents do not need to be concerned that the program is too mature for their children to watch. Check out our rundown of the finest movies to watch on Presidents Day for recommendations on films in various periods.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey


In “Jingle Jangle a Christmas Journey,” one of the most enjoyable films for the whole family to watch on Netflix, Dianna Babincova plays Young Jessica, Justin Cornwell Cornwell plays Young Jeronicus, and Sharon Rose plays Joanne.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, the unanticipated smash of the holiday season, is one of the greatest movies for families to stream on Netflix, particularly during the holidays. It gives the impression of becoming a classic very immediately. This enormous musical picture is packed with happiness and excitement, and it also has a stellar cast. John Legend produced the film, and it has received praise from audiences and reviewers alike. We won’t detail the story, but the film revolves around a toymaker who has lost his grin but may find his enthusiasm again when he is reunited with his bright granddaughter. Do you want an even more festive spirit? This is how to watch Elf when it’s available online.



Everyone in the family will find something to appreciate in this enchanting hand-drawn animated short film. It begins with a well-known story in which a little boy named Kun, who is four years old, has his world turned upside down when his family welcomes a new baby sister. However, things swiftly take a bizarre and surreal turn from there. Shortly after, the adolescent version of his new sister Mirai appears. Your family will learn that the Kids section on Netflix is more diversified than they previously thought after seeing Mirai since it is kind, warm, and unlike most bright and neon kids movies created today.