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Because our sense of humor sets us apart from other people, it might be challenging to locate a reliable comedy event to attend. Do you like sitcoms set in the workplace? Could there be any bizarre musicals? What about a series in the form of a mockumentary or a dramedy that leans more towards the dramatic side of the comedic spectrum? Our sense of humor is subjective, but thankfully, Netflix offers many hilarious comedies to choose from, so you’re likely to add at least one to your queue.

This list will continue to develop, but in the meantime, check out our list of the finest comedy programs now streaming on Netflix below, and let us know some of your other favorite comedies to watch in the comments below.

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New Girl


It didn’t take long for “New Female,” a Fox comedy about an eccentric girl who moves in with three male roommates and immediately becomes one of the finest series on television, to transform from a very easy concept. Jess, a teacher, is portrayed by Zooey Deschanel. After she finds out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she is compelled to share a room with three other males, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). Zooey Deschanel plays Nick. 

Throughout the following seven seasons, the group develops into close friends despite encountering a variety of misfortunes, like getting married, having kids, suffering from sympathy PMS, and being trapped in Mexico. However, the success of each absurd episode may be attributed to the chemistry that exists between the four main characters.

Schitt’s Creek


One of the most undervalued programs on Netflix is Schitt’s Creek, for which the first two seasons were available on the streaming service at the beginning of 2017. Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, who appeared in the series and were responsible for its creation, worked together to write and produce it.

Schitt’s Creek had a sizable fanbase in Canada, but in the United States, where it aired on the Pop network, few people could see the program when it first premiered since it was shown on a different channel. It is not a shared network in most people’s homes. On the other hand, Netflix provides Schitt’s Creek with a second audience, and the show is doing well on the streaming network.

The story follows the Rose family as they struggle to adjust to their new existence in the village of Schitt’s Creek, which is a trailer park town. The Roses’ former life was filled with riches and luxury, but they have now lost everything.



The television show is based on the book “Girlboss” and the fashion business Nasty Gal, which Sophia Amoruso founded. Sophia, played by Britt Robertson, is a 23-year-old woman who does not have a lot of direction in her life and whose family does not provide her with a lot of support. Sophia is a resident of San Francisco, and she has a keen eye for finding excellent discounts at the local antique store, thanks to her enthusiasm for fashion.

She is now unemployed, so when she comes across a motorbike jacket in pristine shape, she gets the notion to sell it on eBay to get some money to help pay her expenses. She experiences a “light-bulb moment” when the jacket sells for a little fortune, and she feels she has found out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. On eBay, she intends to offer antique clothing and accessories.

However, this does not come without its fair share of difficulties along the road, and her personal life also gets in the way. Her romantic interest, her health, the friendships she maintains, and her family all provide her with possibilities, diversions, and difficulties that might cause her to lose sight of her ultimate objective. Both the character of Sophia and Robertson’s take on the part were fantastic.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return


The cult classic is being remade for Netflix, and this time it will have a new cast. Jonah Ray will play the role of the host, and he will watch actual crappy B movies with his robot friends, who will keep him company while he is being kept hostage by insane scientists.



Ricky Gervais, an iconic figure in the world of comedy, is the creator, director, writer, and star of the original series Derek which Netflix produced. The show transports viewers inside the walls of a nursing home and reveals a side of Gervais that was not present in any of his previous works.

Derek Noakes, the main character, is portrayed by Gervais, and he is a kind, generous, and good-natured caregiver at Broad Hill. Derek is also very enthusiastic about game shows, reality television, and talking about animals. He has a childish innocence and has no inhibitions, which causes viewers to ask if he is portraying an autistic character or someone with a low mental ability; nevertheless, Gervais hasn’t officially mentioned anything addressing that concerning the role he is playing.

We know that Derek is a kind and kind person who spreads happiness to everyone he meets. If you start watching the program, which only has 14 episodes, you too can be like Derek and spread joy to everyone you meet.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce


A self-help author seeks to save her career once the public learns about her failed marriage by writing a book about how divorce may succeed. Lisa Edelstein is nothing short of phenomenal in the show, and her performance alone is sufficient to begin your binge-watching of the Bravo series.

Documentary Now!


The former Saturday Night Live cast members Fred Armisen and Bill Hader feature in this entertaining series on IFC. They use their mockumentary style to make fun of different real-life events in a way that only they can.



Will Arnett, known for his hilarious roles, will be seen in a new Netflix production. He will further explore his personality’s serious and gloomy side, originally shown in Bojack Horseman. Some similarities between the two programs compel us to take an introspective look at ourselves, our choices, and the consequences.

After causing the death of a young man in an accident while under the influence of alcohol, Arnett takes the role of Chip, a recovering alcoholic who has been clean for the last ten years. Chip finally finds peace of mind in Venice, where he reinvents himself as a self-help guru. He also becomes the unofficial mayor of the town since everyone in the city seems to be familiar with his identity.

But nobody, not even his closest buddy Dennis (Sullivan), who is becoming more and more aware of the lies that Chip is telling him and the rest of the people in his life, knows the real Chip. He is resistant to new experiences and is always trying to escape the shadow of his past.

Chip and Dennis are both attracted to the same lady, London (Kearney), and as a result, their relationship is put in jeopardy. Additionally, when one of them gets closer to London, the secrets that other people have hidden for a long time begin to make their way to the surface. If you attempt to outrun your history, you could realize that you don’t have a future for yourself.

Happy Endings


When we speak about television programs that were canceled at an inappropriate time, Happy Endings is almost always at the top of the list. Although the premise of a sitcom about a group of friends living in Chicago and going through the stages of “adulting” may not seem very innovative, the show’s performances are what elevate it to the level of greatness that it has reached. The performances of Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, and Adam Pally as emotionally stunted thirtysomethings simply trying to get by are among the most hilariously amusing I’ve ever seen.

Big Mouth


Nick Kroll’s comedic short about a boy coming of age is an animated film filled with well-known voices and even more commonplace scenarios in real life. Kroll portrays a younger version of himself. A youngster called Andrew is going through some awkward life changes such as bothersome erections, bizarre wet dreams, and bat-mitzvah meltdowns. The show is centered on a group of pre-pubescent buddies.

These terrifying and amusing occurrences are often brought on by Maurice, Andrew’s very personal Hormone Monster (also played by Kroll), who takes great joy in tormenting the poor youngster. Even though the program is excruciatingly realistic, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have gone beyond that angst-filled phase of life, you’ll probably be able to find the comedy in all that it depicts. Even if the jokes continue to be offensive, there is no way that you won’t find Maya Rudolph’s delivery of the phrase “bubble bath” to be amusing.