The Best BBC iPlayer Shows You Can Start Streaming Now

The Best BBC iPlayer Shows You Can Start Streaming Now

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has produced quality content for the British public for nearly a century. Hence, it’s not surprising that it has an incredibly diverse and rich catalog of shows. So, here are the best BBC iPlayer shows that you’d be interested in:

Being Bridget Jones

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since we first saw the Bridget Jones column in The Independent. Few could’ve predicted just how big of a pop-culture icon it would go to become. This miniseries gives us an inside look into the thought process behind the character. Familiar faces like Cherie Blair and Hugh Grant reveal how Jones’ advice helped them in their career and several other individuals whose lives changed for the better as a result of that regular column. It is a celebration of a true modern classic that redefined the way we look at self-care.

The Night Manager

It doesn’t get more British than a show with Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddlestone facing off against one another. The show follows Jonathan, a retired soldier, now a hotel manager. An intelligence officer recruits him to bring down a known arms dealer, Richard. The show’s overall plot is relatively standard, but it’s elevating in quality thanks to a star cast that includes Elizabeth Debicki and Tom Hollander. Jonathan’s gotten himself involved in a pickle with his only way out is by carrying out his mission’s objectives and bringing down Richard.


If there was ever a show for a true Charles Dickens fan, it’s this one. Tony Jordan brings us a contemporary take on Dickens’ work with his characters being brought to life in the 21st century. Dickens’ work is filled with references to how the future may look like. Dickensian gives us a glimpse into how some of his most iconic characters would have behaved and lived in the modern era.

Saving Britain’s Pubs

Pubs have played an important part in both British and European life. It’s where workers during the Industrial Revolution would go for relaxation, where Marx would go after a day’s work of writing for the New York Tribune, and where Churchill spent his nights working on his three-volume history of WWII. However, the modern generation has a different connection with pubs, seeing them as nothing more than a place to get some booze. While this might be good enough for some pubs to survive, others rely on it as a form of community support, to meet new and familiar faces, to watch the afternoon Premier League games. The new age demands modernization, and Britain’s pubs are failing to keep up, as illustrated with this docuseries chronicling Pub owners’ struggles from across Britain.

Young, Black & British: Hear Us

In the age of increasing racial divide across the Atlantic, the black community in the United Kingdom shares its own experience of growing up. The show does an excellent job illustrating how racial prejudice in the United Kingdom differs from the United States. However, that’s not the primary focus of this Newsround production. These individuals’ stories tell how they persevered in their lives and careers by overcoming racial abuse while growing up.

How To Access BBC iPlayer Internationally

BBC iPlayer has some of the best British shows and movies. However, as rich as its library might be, you can only view it if you’re in the United Kingdom. As disappointing as that might be, it’s relatively easy to evade these restrictions. Just follow these few simple steps:

  • Sign up for a VPN subscription
  • Install the VPN browser extension and connect to any of its UK servers.
  • Log in to your BBC iPlayer account and use as normal
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