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Wondering how to watch The Masked Scammer (2022) in Australia? This one is dedicated to Sidney Sheldon fans. Netflix is producing a stunning documentary based on a true murder that appears to be the inspiration for one of his novels. On December 1, watch The Masked Scammer (2022) to discover how the criminal came up with and accomplished an impossible-to-pull-off scheme. Keep reading to find out how you can watch it in Australia and throughout the world.

What is Netflix’s The Masked Scammer (2022)?

The Masked Scammer (2022), an English-dubbed version of the original French title Le Masque, is a true-crime documentary about French-Israeli con artist Gilbert Chikli.

The documentary is based on detailed interviews with victims and collaborators of Chikli and reveals how the con man defrauded many in the French elite society of millions of Euros.

What is The Masked Scammer about?

The documentary, directed by Dominic Sivyer, digs into Chikli’s €80 million scam by acting as the CEO of significant corporations including France La Poste, Galeries Lafayette, and Disneyland Paris.

But that’s not all. Chikli even impersonated France’s defense minister at the time Jean-Yves Le Drian to execute one of his most daring scams. The French press later called him “the fake Le Drian”.

Who are the creators of The Masked Scammer?

The film’s directors are Dominic Sivyer and Yvann Yagchi.

Who is Gilbert Chikli?

Gilbert Chikli is a false scammer commonly known for the crime of “false president”. He fled to Israel after committing numerous crimes in Australia. In Paris, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for his “false Le Drian” scam in 2020. He wears a very realistic silicone mask and pretends to be the Minister of Defense. The people intend to help hostages in a dangerous zone by paying ransom for them.  He obtained millions of Euros from them being the defense minister.  

Between 2005 to 2006, Gilbert Chikli scammed over the phone with elite business people and portrayed himself as the CEO of large enterprises such as Disneyland Paris, the Yellow Pages, La Poste, etc. The executives send him hundreds of euros in cash and bank transfer.


In her Vanity Fair story, Kahina Sekkai recounted the story of a 13-year-old boy who sold a vehicle that did not belong to him. In 2014, he told the world, “I still have a lot of ideas, you’ll see,” and through the years, he has proven this by conducting several frauds with the management of massive companies, banks, and privileged classes. He acted illegally of 6.1 million euros in France alone. According to The Guardian, Chikli stated in a French tv appearance that he was intrigued by the “game” of scamming.

The Masked Scammer official trailer

Netflix France shares the official preview of The Masked Scammer showing different footage of Gilbert Chikli.

What are some early reactions and comments about The Masked Scammer?

People are excited about Netflix covering an official true documentary of Israeli Crook. 

Translation: “Magnificent a series on an Israeli crook.”

What else can I watch on Netflix?


What is the runtime of The Masked Scammer?

The film runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What is the release date of The Masked Scammer?

The Masked Scammer releases on December 1

Where to watch The Masked Scammer online?

You may stream it on Netflix

Is The Masked Scammer available on Paramount+?

No, The Masked Scammer is only exclusively available on Netflix. 

Who is The Masked Scammer?

The docu-series features Gilbert Chikli. 

Where else can I watch The Masked Scammer?

This is Netflix exclusive you can only watch this on Netflix. 

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