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The Guardian‘s Lucy Mangan paints an accurate picture of the “back to the grind” phase everyone is in, following all the holiday shenanigans. So she believes that the debut episode of the newest Welsh crime thriller is “certainly a gentle introduction.” Featuring an ensemble cast of Joanna Scanlan, Iwan Rheon and Alexandra Roach, This drama is a perfect start to 2023. Find out how to watch The Light In The Hall in Australia, available for free on Channel 4.

Quick steps: How to watch The Light In The Hall on Channel 4 using a VPN

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What is The Light In The Hall about?

The Light In The Hall is a bilingual mystery thriller, referred to as “Y Golau” in Welsh. The mystery sees Joanna Scanlan who stands out in all her roles as a grieving, unshakeable woman. She is certainly the star of the thrilling 6-part series.

The Light In The Hall Official Trailer

Channel 4 took to its official Twitter handle to reveal 20 seconds of pure goodness serving as the teaser, getting the fans to anticipate the series with all the more excitement.

What is the release date of The Light In The Hall?

The series debuted on January 4.

What time is The Light In The Hall airing tonight?

The second episode of The Light In The Hall airs at 9 pm.

What are the age restrictions and Genres of this The Light In The Hall?

The Light In The Hall is G-rated, featuring strong language along with blood and violence.

What’s the Plot of The Light In The Hall

The story of The Light In The Hall centres on Journalist Cat, who is a native of the same town as now-dead teenager Ela Roberts. Cat has always been fixated on Ela’s killing, in part because the two were friends until Ela was banished from their school’s friend circle following an absurd teenage dispute.

Connecting the story with Joe Pritchard (Iwan Rheon), who is depicted as a calm, unassuming gardener. Pritchard was arrested upon conviction of murder following the discovery of Ela’s DNA in his trailer, to which he also confessed later.

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Joanna Scanlan as Sharon

Nevertheless, he is now eligible for parole although he won’t make any revelations about the reason behind Ela’s murder nor would he mention anything about her dead body. As Joe’s potential return to the neighbourhood approaches, Ela’s devastated mother Sharon is still seeking closure.

The situation has given her and Cat the chance to alas learn the truth about what truly happened, however, this does not exempt them from admitting to their wrongdoings.

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for The Light In The Hall in 2023?

  • IMDb: 7.1/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 86% audience score

What are the reviews of The Light In The Hall in 2023

Many critics have been reviewing The Light In The Hall. Such as this excerpt from Lucy Mangan’s review for The Guardian claimed that the series is “at its strongest in the interpersonal scenes.”
In another instance, Emily Baker wrote in her review for iNews, claiming that the “Brooding Welsh drama is a thoughtful study of grief.”

The Light In The Hall Episode Guide

Episode #1 : E01 | January 4

Joe Pritchard has served 18 years in prison for the 2002 murder of Ela Roberts, but he hasn’t revealed the whereabouts of the body. Simultaneously, this news has spread like wildfire, Cat makes a return and Sharon is willing to put everything at stake just to know the truth.

Episode #2 : E02 | January 5

Pritchard is seen making efforts to move on but Sharon won’t let go just yet. Cat intervenes to find out the answers.

Episode #3 : E03 | January 11

Reminiscing the past, old memories are recounted by Cat. On the other hand, Joe continues to get threats from Sharon.

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Iwan Rheon as Joe Pritchard

Episode #4 : E04 | January 12

Sharon is apprehensive after Joe’s visit but it shall be revealed whether that’s sufficient to keep Sharon from threatening Joe. Parry makes a visit to Sharon and warns her.

Episode #5 : E05 | January 18

Help extends to Joe and Sharon from their respective ends. Will Joe be able to recall what had happened? Gafyn, Greta, and Dai don’t leave Sharon’s side.

Episode #6 : E06 | January 19

The series finale will have Cat trying to make Joe remember for the last time as they jog in the forest.

Is The Light In The Hall a show?

Yes, it is a Channel 4 original show.

How are the fans reacting to The Light In The Hall?

Where else can you watch The Light In The Hall?

You may watch it on AMC+

What are some other popular shows like The Light In The Hall you can watch on Channel 4?

What makes the cast of The Light In The Hall so special?

The cast of The Light In The Hall includes some of the greatest actors in the lead. Game of Thrones‘ Iwan Rheon, Killing Eve‘s Alexandra Roach and Bafta-winner, Joanna Scanlan.

Is The Light In The Hall available on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC?

Yes, The Light In The Hall is available on BBC iPlayer.

Where can I watch all seasons of The Light In The Hall?

Currently, there’s just one season and you may watch it on Channel 4 or All 4.

Is The Light In The Hall removed from Channel 4?

No, it has just begun airing on Channel 4

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How Does VPN Allow You to watch The Light In The Hall online in Australia?

VPN is a legal way to secure your browser as well as access all the geographically blocked content by masking the IP address to your chosen region. This way you will be able to watch The Light In The Hall online while you sit in the comfort of your home in Australia. 


Iwan Rheon says ‘Light In The Hall’ is ‘not your typical detective story,’ and we wouldn’t diagree. Watch it yourself to find out especially now that you have a comparison of the best VPNs available, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs and start streaming The Light In The Hall without having to worry about Channel 4 being inaccessible in Australia. 


Is The Light In The Hall based on a true story? 

No, it is a fiction mystery thriller.

Where was this The Light In The Hall filmed?

The Tywi Valley, specifically the towns of Llandovery, Llangadog, Llandeilo, and Carmarthen, was used to film a significant portion of the series. Cardiff was also the site of additional filming.

Where Can I Watch The Light In The Hall For Free?

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service for the residents of the UK so if you have a reliable VPN connection, you will be able to access BBC iPlayer for free, subsequently allowing you to watch The Light In The Hall for free.

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