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Here are some bombshell revelations made by none other than the Duke of Sussex himself. From unveiling the the tensions between him and Prince William to the sad loss of his mother, Prince Harry sat down with ITV‘s Tom Bradby on Sunday, 9 pm to give his first interview ahead of the launch of his controversial memoir, Spare. His claims will shake you to your core as he finally names who is the villain behind the fallout of the Royal Family. Keep reading ahead and find out everything there is to know about his memoir as we tell you how to watch Prince Harry’s ITV Interview in Australia.

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Prince Harry’s ITV Interview is Based On?

Prince Harry’s ITV Interview was ultimately based on the launch of his memoir, Spare. This interview came shortly after the release of their Netflix’s 6-part Documentary. After the interview with ITV, Prince Harry sat down with CBS News Host Anderson Cooper on the 60 Minutes show.

Prince Harry’s ITV Interview Preview and Key Moments

Here are some important takes from the interview compiled together. Prince Harry says, ‘Silence only allows the abuser to abuse’, who is he referring to? Find out here.

Prince Harry’s ITV Interview What are the Key Takeaways?

The interview shines light some of the most important and controversial facts that have been surrounding the Royal Family since the fallout. Here are some important takeaways from this interview that we have collected.

  • Royals have shown no willingness to reconcile.
  • Prince Harry denies he and Meghan said the royal family was racist in the Oprah Winfrey interview.
  • Harry suggests that it was indeed Camilla who had leaked the private conversation he had with William.
  • Harry saw photos of Princess Diana at the scene of her death and that is a trauma he will never forget.
  • William and Kate didn’t get on with Meghan from the get-go, Harry says.
  • Some members of the royal family got into bed ‘with the devil’, Harry signals the Royal Family members who have close connections with the British press.
  • Harry states he and William had a week-long dispute over a beard.
  • Harry termed relationship with William as ‘heartbreaking’.
  • The Duke of Sussex feels ‘contempt’ that Netflix documentary and memoir are complete.
  • ‘I’m very happy, I’m very at peace’

Why did Prince Harry gave an Interview to ITV?

There are various reasons for that, firstly, the host of ITV’s News at 10, Tom Bradby was the royal correspondent for ITV until 2005. He worked closely with Prince Harry while covering his efforts in Lesotho, South Africa, back in 2004. Secondly, the Duke of Sussex wanted to make some bombshell revelations ahead of the launch of his book, Spare. This seems like a tactic to create massive hype for his memoir.

What is the release date of Prince Harry’s ITV Interview?

The Duke of Sussex sat down with Tom Bradby to on Sunday, January 8 when the interview was originally recorded. It is now available to stream on ITVX.

How to Watch Prince Harry’s ITV interview in Australia Online for Free

What time is Prince Harry’s ITV Interview aired?

The interview was originally aired on ITV1 on Sunday, 9 pm. Now, it is available to stream on ITVX at anytime you want.

What is the Duration of Prince Harry’s ITV Interview?

The interview that Prince Harry gave to Tom Bradby was of 90 minutes straight. The later interview which was given to CBS was of 60 minutes.

What are the reviews of Prince Harry’s ITV Interview

There are mixed reviews coming in from both sides. It seems that the folks have divided themselves into pro-Harry and anti-Harry bevies.

How are the people reacting to Prince Harry’s ITV Interview?

Ever since the interview, Twitter has been exploding with tweets in favor of the Duke of Sussex. Fans of Meghan Markle, calling hemselves #SussexSquad on twitter are really speaking out.

Where else can you watch Prince Harry’s ITV Interview?

The interview was originally broadcast on ITV1, now, it is exclusively available on ITVX. No other streaming platform is airing this interview, as of now.

Is Prince Harry’s ITV Interview removed from ITV?

No, the interview is still present on ITVX for an easy stream. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these massive revelations.

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In summary, this interview was widely anticipated by those who have been following this controversy. The claims made by the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry will garner a significant response from the Royals. Moreover, the interview is easily watchable on ITV. If you don’t have access to ITV in Australia, try getting a VPN that will not only bring ITV to your television screens, but will also bring 500+ streaming services at your doorstep to watch whatever from wherever. Keep streaming!


Is Prince Harry’s ITV interview based on a true story? 

In the interview, Prince Harry reveals his life’s story from the time of his mother’s untimely demise to the latest Royal fallout.

Where Can I Watch Prince Harry’s ITV interview For Free?

Unfortunately, the interview is not available to stream online for free on any platform.

Where was Prince Harry’s ITV interview filmed?

The interview was filmed on ITV1 and then another interview was given to the CBS.


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