Watch ‘Monster High: The Movie (2022)’ in Australia: Release date, cast, trailer and more

watch Monster High: The Movie 2022

Watch Monster High: The Movie, a live-action musical fantasy film, debuted on Paramount+ on October 6, 2022. It is directed by Todd Holland and produced by Mattel’s TV division and Brightlight Pictures.

The story follows a half-human, half-werewolf who has finally found her spot in the world. However, when a sinister plot to bring down Monster High threatens to reveal her identity, she must learn to accept her real monster heart  to save the day.

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What is Monster High live-action full movie about?

After enrolling at Monster High, Clawdeen learns of a sinister conspiracy that threatens not only her school but also the secrecy of her own human/werewolf hybrid heritage.

Is there a Monster High: The Movie (2022) trailer?

Check out the official trailer of Monster High: The Movie released by Paramount+ :

What is the plot of Monster High: The Movie (2022)?

Clawdeen Wolf, a werewolf by night, starts her freshman year at Monster High. She instantly befriends Frankie Stein and Draculaura, two of her classmates. For the first time in her life, she feels like she belongs and can be herself, even though she is still hiding her human side. Therefore, she must learn to accept her genuine monster heart which can sanction evil in order to save Monster High from a cunning conspiracy that could reveal her actual identity.

Who is the cast of Monster High: The Movie (2022)?

The stars who are appearing in the film Monster High: The Movie, are:

  • Miia Harris as Clawdeen Wolf,
  • Ceci Balagot as Frankie Stein
  • Nayah Damasen as Draculaura, 
  • Case Walker as Deuce Gorgon
  • Kyle Selig as Mr. Komos / Eddy Hyde, Jr.
  • Marci T. House as Headmistress Bloodgood
  • Scotch Ellis Loring as Apollo, Clawdeen’s father,
  • Steve Valentine as Dracula
  • Jy Prishkulnik as Cleo de Nile
  • Lina Lecompte as Lagoona Blue
  • Justin Derickson as Heath Burns
  • Lilah Fitzgerald as Ghoulia Yelps
  • Nasiv Sall as Abbey Bominable
watch Monster High: The Movie 2022

What is the release date of Monster High: The Movie (2022)?

Monster High: The Movie (2022) is set to release on October 6th, 2022.

What is the IMDb rating of Monster High: The Movie?

Monster High: The Movie (2022) has an IMDb rating of 4.6 out of 10.

Where can I watch Monster High The Movie (2022) online?

You can watch Monster High: The Movie on Paramount+. However, the movie is also available on HBO MaxPrime Video, Disney+,  Apple TV, and fuboTV.

What are the reviews of Monster High: The Movie (2022)?


“Catchy songs and fun dance numbers make this musical something the whole family can enjoy. A great way to teach kids about inclusion and acceptance.”

Tessa Smith (Mama’s Geeky)


What are the reasons to watch Monster High: The Movie (2022)?

This musical masterpiece has memorable tunes and enjoyable dance routines that everyone may enjoy. Excellent for introducing concepts of diversity and tolerance to young minds.

How are the fans reacting to Monster High: The Movie (2022)?

What else can I watch on Paramount+?

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark Season 2 (2019)
  • Blue’s Clues & You! Season 2
  • The Real Love Boat


Will there be Monster High The Movie 2?

By promising new content and products for 2022, Mattel confirmed the return of the Monster High brand in 2021. A live-action film based on the franchise and a new animated series were both confirmed by Mattel Television.

Is Monster High a horror film?

Yes, Monster High is a horror film.

Where can I watch the new Monster High movie 2022?

The entire series of Monster High can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Prime Video library includes Monster High.

  • The Monster High series can be purchased via the iTunes store. Watching Monster High on your iPhone is a great way to get the most out of your iTunes subscriptions.
  • Netflix now has the Monster High series.

Is Monster High on Netflix?

The movie is not available on Netflix at the moment.

Are any Monster High movies on Netflix?

Yes, Monster High: Electrified is available on Netflix.

Are the Monster High movies on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Monster High is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

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