Watch ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’ in Australia: Release date, cast, trailer and more

Poster of Louis Armstrong's Black and Blues

For jazz lovers, it is almost impossible to not have heard about Louis Armstrong, given the legend’s contributions to the genre. So it is exciting news for music lovers everywhere that Apple TV’s Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues is about to premiere today, October 28.

The artist — best known for songs like “What a Wonderful World,” “Hello, Dolly,” ”Star Dust” and “La Vie En Rose,” — has been a favorite across generations and cultures. With remakes and contemporary mixes, even the younger, more recent generations are in awe of Louis Armstrong and remember him fondly. Stay with us as we explore the Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues, but here are some quick steps to help you watch it in Australia.

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What is the release date of ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues is coming to Apple TV+ on October 28, 2022

Where to watch ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’ online?

Apple TV ensures you watch one of the best shows and films uninterrupted and provides HD, 4k quality to provide the best watching experience. You may tune into Apple TV+ to watch Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues online.

Who was Louis Armstrong?

Louis Armstrong, (aka Satchmo) is known for bringing about a revolution in the Jazz and Blues genres with his unique and exceptional improvisations on the cornet and trumpet. Many musicians after him widely praise him and are indeed inspired by the likes of Armstrong. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Louis Armstrong had a turbulent childhood working many odd jobs to sustain a living after being forced out of school by his father in fifth grade. Soon, he was introduced to Joe or King Oliver who mentored Armstrong in gaining command over the cornet. 

After many career breaks and disturbances, some related to his health and some about managerial issues, Louis Armstrong successfully left songs like What a Wonderful World, La Vie En Rose among many others to remember him by. 

His life has left a valuable impact on the African American community considering the many firsts such as “The first African American jazz musician to write an autobiography, Swing That Music.” Other firsts in this regard include being featured in a massive Hollywood film, Pennies from Heaven, as well as becoming the first African American entertainer to host a nationally sponsored radio show.

What did Louis Armstrong’s nickname, ‘Satchmo’ mean?

Satchmo was a short for ‘satchel mouth’ given Armstrong had a very wide mouth. 

Books on Louis Armstrong

To know more about the beloved Jazz artist, here are some of Louis Armstrong’s autobiographies:

  • Swing That Music 
  • My Life in New Orleans 
  • Louis Armstrong in His Own Words

Did you know: Louis Armstrong’s house is now a museum

Louis Armstrong and his last spouse, Lucille Armstrong moved to Corona, Queens in New York. The house Armstrong purchased was later turned into a museum which is now known as the “Louis Armstrong House Museum.” If you ever happen to visit Queens, book a tour to explore a collection of mementos which include personal belongings, notepads of scribbled notes and voice recordings of Pops, as Armstrong is called.

What is ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’ about?

Apple TV bought the rights to the much-anticipated documentary featuring the founding father of Jazz. Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong will see the musician’s life from a fresh and never before seen perspective relying on hundreds of hours of audio recordings, video footage, pictures, personal diaries, and other mementos from a lifetime.

What is the plot of ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues looks at one of the finest musicians of the 20th century. The combination of political analysis, musical appreciation, and personal biography will allow us to address the side of Louis Armstrong which remained unveiled. It further explores how Armstrong was viewed by a more radical, younger generation who believed he was too courteous of white audiences.

‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’ official trailer

Major goosebumps as we watch the official trailer for the Apple TV documentary. It teases the essence of the documentary as perfectly as it could, the music is timed to perfection, and features clips from the film which are sure to build anticipation around the documentary.

What is the story behind the title of the documentary?

The title “Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues” comes from one of his hit songs targeting racial injustice. Armstrong was badly impacted by the gruesome beatings of African Americans by the police and the song was in response to that. Black and Blue concludes in the following lines, “My only sin is in my skin, What did I do to be so black and blue?” 

We feel the title has been carefully chosen by the director, Sacha Jenkins who summarized the events occurring in the life of Armstrong in one of his own songs. Could there be any other title than this?  Watch the trailer again and you may be able to second us on this. Here’s a clip of Louis Armstrong singing Black and Blue in East Berlin, albeit, with a significant lyrical change 

What’s the cast of ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

The cast of Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues features many people, some with only voices while some are taped and can be seen in the archival footage. We’ll be hearing Nas narrates some of Armstrong’s writings, while Steve Allen, Lucille Armstrong, and James Young among several others have marked their presence through audio in the documentary. Some archival footage will be featuring the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Miles Davis, Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie, and others.

Sacha Jenkins, the man behind ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues is directed by Sacha Jenkins who is best known for directing Fresh Dressed, Everything’s Gonna Be All White, and Of Mics and Men. The Primetime Emmy Awards Nominee has a vast experience in hip-hop and African American musicians which makes it all the more relevant to have been able to produce a stellar masterpiece as that of Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues.

Sacha Jenkins

Sacha Jenkins on making ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues is an exclusive look into the trumpeter’s life. Many couldn’t have imagined the battles Armstrong fought, and from where the music that he created stemmed from. That’s the core director Jenkins focused on. Speaking with The Upcoming, he revealed why we felt it necessary to start from the beginning, he claimed, “I thought it was really important to start from the beginning and to understand where he came from.” he added further, “in order to really understand the music, you’ve got to understand the climate and the environment that created it.

What are the reviews of ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues penetrates deeper than the realms of just his musical developments and many critics have commented over this. John Defore of The Hollywood Reporter claims, “This is not a work of musicology, and if you want someone to explain how Armstrong changed jazz, look elsewhere.” Similarly, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney from the Financial Times concluded his critique in the following words, “There is less insight about his musical development, however. That is the high note that eludes an otherwise well-made and enjoyable documentary.” 

The documentary has overall been well received as you may be able to tell by what Leslie Felperin wrote for The Guardian, “The film also represents an excellent primer for younger viewers who might only know Armstrong from, say, his cover of La Vie en Rose in Wall-E.” The Hollywood Reporter highlighted and called Jenkin’s masterpiece “Delightful, provocative and far too short.”

What is the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating for ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

The documentary received an IMDb rating of 8.3/10 while the Tomatometer indicates a full 100% rating.

What are the reactions and comments about ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’?

People all over the world remember Louis Armstrong, although some may still speak badly of him. This documentary is an attempt to show the newer generations what Armstrong was really like. Others all over the internet are expressing their opinions by taking to their social media handles. 

What else can I watch on Apple TV+?

Other movies like ‘Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues’

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  • Gutsy
  • Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me
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What was Louis Armstrong’s biggest hit?

According to the old music charts, the biggest hits were “All of Me”, released in 1932, and “Hello, Dolly!”, released in 1964.

Is the Louis Armstrong documentary on Netflix?

No, unfortunately, Black and Blues is only available on Apple TV.

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