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Once again, George Kay stunned the world with this magnificent documentary series. It is based on the real life story of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. The world is familiar with the name of Litvinenko, as he became the hot topic for international mass media. The Russian spy and the former KGB officer, who was fatally assassinated by the dangerous radioactive substance polonium-210 in London. The famous actor David Tennant is the main lead and co-executive producer of Litvinenko. Margarita Levieva is playing the role of his wife Marina Litvinenko. Litvinenko’s murder still haunts people with questions like Why did Litvinenko get poisoned? Which hotel was Litvinenko poisoned? What symptoms did Alexander Litvinenko have? and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the assassination and how to watch Litvinenko on ITVX that came out on December 16 in Australia.

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Why is ITVX not accessible in Australia?

Many streaming services restrict their content from being accessed by people in countries other than the home country of the streaming service. This means that there’s a whole world of entertainment that opens up when you start using a reliable, high-speed VPN service.

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What is the series Litvinenko about?

George kay, who is a famous crime story writer and behind the hit crime documentaries of Netflix. The Russian spy and the former KGBofficer, Litvinenko was poisoned by the toxic radioactive substance Polonium-210 in 2006 London.

Two policemen were called to investigate and interview the former KGB officer. Litvinenko gave the names of murderers as he knew he is going to die soon. His wife Marina Litvinenko claimed that the Russian prime miniter Vladimir Putin is behind his husband’s murder. The foremost part of the story emphases on her legal fight to track down the assassins of his husband.

Is there a trailer of Litvinenko?

Here’s the sneak peek at the upcoming documentary series Litvinenko: 

What is the release date of Litvinenko in Australia?

The four-part drama series Litvinenko made its premiere for all of its episodes at once on December 15 on ITVX in the U.K. However, if you’ve a subscription to AMC+ and Sundance Now, you can also watch the series on these streaming platforms from December 16 in the U.S.

What is the IMDb rating of Litvinenko?

Where to watch Litvinenko online in Australia?

Ozzies, you can easily watch the series Litvinenko on ITVX.

What’s the cast of Litvinenko?

The cast of upcoming series Litvinenko includes:

  • David Tennant as Alexander Litvinenko
How to Watch ‘Litvinenko’ series in Australia
  • Margarita Levieva as Marina Litvinenko
  • Mark Bonnar as Clive Timmons (Scotland Yard officer)
How to Watch ‘Litvinenko’ series in Australia
  • Neil Maskell as Brent Hyatt (Scotland Yard officer)
How to Watch ‘Litvinenko’ series in Australia

What’s the plot of Litvinenko

Litvinenko, who is a Russian spy and a former KGB officer. He is poisoned by the toxic substance Polonium-210. He admitted to the London’s College University Hospital in 2006. The police called to interview him. Litvinenko gave them names of the assassinators to track them down as he already knew he is going to die soon.

His wife Marina Litvinenko claimed that the Russian state is behind the murder. The new series is consisting of four episodes, which are going to be launched on ITVX all at once. The major part revolves around his wife’s legal fight and police tracking down the murderers. Let me tell you the exciting thing about this series is the plot is based on the real life story of Litvinenko’s murder.

What are the reviews of Litvinenko?

According to the Radio Times. “Litvinenko review: A compelling story, competently told”. Moreover, they also added that “David Tennant, Margarita Levieva and Neil Maskell are enthralling in this surprisingly traditional drama.”

How many episodes of Litvinenko are there?

The series Litvinenko comprises a total of four episodes. Each episode will take us deeper into the story of who Litvinenko was and how he died at the hands of the most notorious intelligence agency during the Cold War era.

How to Watch ‘Litvinenko’ series in Australia

Episode Guide for Litvinenko

All episodes of the Litvinenko series were released on December 16, 2022. These episodes tell the story of determined Scotland Yard officers who worked day and night to find the culprit behind the brutal murder of former-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Episode TagEpisode TitleEpisode Overview
Litvinenko S01E01Episode 1Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy, dies of an unknown disease, prompting a rush of investigations to determine what killed him.
Litvinenko S01E02Episode 2In front of a global audience, the Metropolitan Police track the radioactive polonium trail across London until it points them in the direction of their top culprits, Lugovoy and Kovtun.
Litvinenko S01E03Episode 3Brian Tarpey, Timmons’ “best man,” leads a team of investigators that travels to Moscow to question the main perpetrators in the killing of Litvinenko.
Litvinenko S01E04Episode 4When Timmons’ team’s investigation is over, they send their dossier to the Crown Prosecution Service, who then accuses Lugovoy and Kovtun of killing Litvinenko.

Where else can I watch Litvinenko online?

The series is available to stream on AMC+ and Sundance TV also.

What else can I watch on ITVX?

How are the fans reacting to the series Litvinenko?

A tragedy, but seriously, if you were Alexander Litvinenko, would you eat or drink ANYTHING that wasn’t at/from home – especially in the company of Russians!? Moreover, the police officers who went to Russia, they must have balls of steel!


The medical team that provided care for this man did an exceptional job. Furthermore, the care they provided allowed this man the time to tell his story and allow his family say goodbye.


My heart goes out to his wife and son. Hope no more trouble will ever come their way. How about the health of the family he left behind? Furthermore, how about the health of the doctors and nurses who treated him and MI6 and the Scotland Yard guys who interviewed him?


They need to make a movie about this story. Probably one of the craziest spy stories I’ve ever heard.


Incredible story. I remember all of this, and it was obvious to pretty much everyone that this was state sponsored and directed. The average murderer does not have access to the substances used, and no other motive was present. We all knew it, but Scotland Yard went to HUGE effort to prove it beyond any doubt. Amazing police work.


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In conclusion, we highly suggest that you don’t skip this truly tragic procedural miniseries and watch Litvinenko from the comfort of your TV lounge. Find out more about how the investigation by Scotland Yard proceeded and how they finally found the killer.

Moreover, if ITVX is not available in your region then fear not, select the best plans available and get yourself a handy VPN such as ExpressVPN that not only offers you great plans but provides you with an unhindered access to over 500 streaming services where you can stream content on any device and in any quality, whether SDHD, or 4K.


Is Litvinenko series based on a true story?

Yes, it is based on a true story of a KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko who was brutally murdered by the Russian spy agency for writing a book unveiling the corruption and dark secrets of the Soviet empire. He was murdered by a radioactive substance called Polonium-210.

Where was Litvinenko filmed?

The docuseries was filmed in London. Filming for the drama took place in and around London. The series follows the story of Alexander Litvinenko, played by David Tennant.

Where can I watch Litvinenko for free?

Unfortunately, the series will not be available to stream online for free. Moreover, would have to access ITVX streamer to enjoy this tragic-yet-true story of Alexander Litvinenko.

Is Litvinenko removed from ITVX?

The docuseries is still available on ITVX. It was released on December 16 with all its 4 parts for you to bingewatch through.

Why did Litvinenko get poisoned?

Litvinenko was poisoned by the notorious KGB on November 1, 2006 at London’s Mellennium Hotel by a radioactive substance called Polonium-210. This was the result of his famous book Blowing Up Russia that unveiled the dark secrets of the former-Soviet empire. Moreover, he was a defector of the KGB and the assassins were on his tail for a very long time.9781783341559

Which hotel was Litvinenko poisoned?

The answer to the question where was Litvinenko poisoned is a little complicated. However, the Scotland Yard figured out that he was exposed to the radioactive substance on November 1, 2006 in Millennium Hotel’s Pine Bar where the Polonium was placed in a tea pot from where Litvinenko drank some green tea.5c91f8a9224fc7ca4dd3b31dbed2eeff

What symptoms did Alexander Litvinenko have?

On the evening of 1 November, Litvinenko began vomiting and later suffered from bloody diarrhea. Moreover, it later turned to out to be a result of what damage Polonium-210 had caused to Litvinenko’s internal organs upon consuming it.

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