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Jazz Jennings is back and this time she is facing severe death threats. That’s right, watch I am Jazz: Season 8 on TLC this January 24 and witness the cruelty of our social system as a young transgender Jazz learns to adapt to her new life as a girl. Originally born as a boy, Jazz had always fantasized about being a girl and soon her fantasies were changed into a reality when, by the age of 14, she underwent a gender transition.

Recipient of the GLAAD Media Award For Outstanding Reality Program, I am Jazz captivated the audience by narrating the tale of Jazz Jennings through Jazz herself. Moreover, this is not just a reality program but a culmination of lessons to learn from. The show very beautifully puts an emphasis on the role of a supporting and accepting family. If you wish to catch the show then keep on reading ahead as we tell you how to stream it, despite your locality in Australia. Whether you reside in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, or any other territory, we have got your back!

Quick steps: How to watch I am Jazz: Season 8 on TLC using a VPN

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN . It has multiple plans you can choose from .

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to your streaming platform.

  4. Find I Am Jazz: Season 8 and stream it no matter where you are.

By the way, there’s a nifty comparison of our recommended VPNs at the end of this article.

I Am Jazz is Based On?

This is a reality TV series that revolves around the life of Jazz Jennings. A young child who undergoes the procedure of gender transition from a boy to a girl. The story follows her life and daily struggles that she has to put up with.

I Am Jazz Official Trailer

Here is a sneak peek into the season 8 of I am Jazz. Watch as Jazz Jennings talks to the whole world about how she is dealing with receiving death threats for being a transgender. “We have faced threats before, but this time its different. The person who threatens us knows exactly where we live” is what Jazz’s mother had to say about this scenario.

What is the release date of I am Jazz Season 8?

Season 8 of I Am Jazz is going to release on January 24, 2023. The reality show will hit the screens on TLC so make sure you have your subscriptions ready before you miss out anything from the show.

What time is I am Jazz Season 8 airing tonight?

The season 8 premiere episode of ‘I Am Jazz‘ will mark its debut on Tuesday, January 24 at 10:00 PM on TLC and Discovery Plus. So, clear your schedules before you miss out on any of the enticing events that are lined up in the season 8 of this amazing reality TV series.

What are the age restrictions and Genres of I am Jazz?

The show is rated as TV-14 by Common Sense Media. This means it is friendly for children above the ages of 14. Moreover, the genre of the show falls under the category of Reality TV.

What’s the Plot of I am Jazz?

The plot of the series follows Jazz Jennings‘ journey through life. We witness as she makes a major decision in her life that will alter, not just her gender, but her entire life, social circle, and destiny. While still struggling to fit into dysfunctional society, Jazz decides to use her position to promote LGBTQI+ agendas as well. The season 8 of the series will showcase Jazz as she takes a year off from Harvard to find peace with herself amid brutal death threats.

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for I am Jazz in 2023?

The ratings for the show in 2023 will come in once the 8th season has made its debut. However, for now, we can take a look at some of the current ratings in 2023 of the show based on its prior 7 seasons.

How to Watch 'I Am Jazz: Season 8' in Australia Online for Free

What are the reviews of I am Jazz in 2023?

TimeLike many of TLC’s family series–Jon and Kate Plus EightOur Little FamilySister WivesI Am Jazz is about the extraordinary amidst the mundane.
AdvocateI Am Jazz is not only about Jenning’s journey into puberty. It’s about a family transitioning with their youngest member and learning how to support her. The family support highlighted in the show is just as important as the positive representation of Jennings as a teenager who fully embraces her identity, without any shame over being who she is.
MTVTransgender Teen Jazz Jennings Will Inspire You To Love Yourself In ‘I Am Jazz’

I am Jazz Episode Guide

With a culmination of 6 seasons and 65 episodes already airing on TLC, I am Jazz season 8 will make its own mark. So far, no information regarding how many episodes are going to be there is available, so, we cannot say for sure. However, we do have some details regarding the first 2 episodes of the season 8.

Episode # 1: A Night at the Selfie Museum | 24 January 2023

Jazz returns from Harvard eager to establish her freedom and seek romance; Jeanette maintains a close check on her reclusive daughter as Jazz’s mental health deteriorates; Jazz’s friend, Jaclyn, has a surprise.

Episode # 2: Mommy Dearest | 24 January 2023

Jazz asserts her independence after her mother storms the after-party, but when she agrees to a date with a fresh admirer in the midst of a downpour of transphobia, her world collapses around her, and there’s only one person she desires.

Is I am Jazz a movie/show?

I am Jazz is a reality show that has been airing since 2015. The show has a massive audience, all who wish to follow the footsteps of Jazz Jennings.

How are the fans reacting to I am Jazz?

This reality show is about the lives of Jazz Jennings and her family. Since Jazz is transgender and an activist for the transgender “community”, it is difficult to review this show without reviewing Jazz herself and the politics of gender identity.


This is an unscripted show where no one knows the final act. It is both entertaining and educational to watch as Jazz discovers the best path through a minefield of personal and social obstacles.


This is a Great Show, because it shows the average family with a teenage child struggling with the many questions and few answers about being trans-gendered. The family and friends are loving and very supportive…this is unconditional love at it’s finest! Their there to support their child and friend who was born trans-gendered.


She has inspired millions of people all around the world and I found this show when I was in a VERY dark place I was so emotionally drained from suppressing my gender dysphoria I Just had no emotions left in when I found this show it opened my eyes beyond my wildest dreams

How to Watch 'I Am Jazz: Season 8' in Australia Online for Free

Where else can you watch I am Jazz?

While the latest season will only be available to catch on Discovery Plus and TLC, you can catch the older seasons on these platforms.

Streaming ServiceNo. of SeasonsStream or Buy
Discovery Plus7Stream
Discovery Plus (Amazon Channel)7Stream
Foxtel NOW1Stream
Spectrum On-Demand5Stream
Apple iTunes7Buy
Amazon Video7Buy
Google Play Movies5Buy

What are some other popular shows like I am Jazz you can watch on TLC?

TLC is home to some of the most amazing reality TV series and shows to stream from. Whether you are a fan of drama or thrill, mystery or action, TLC has it all at your disposal. Make sure to stream and watch I am Jazz season 8 while also check out these reality shows that are currently airing on TLC:

What is I am Jazz about?

I am Jazz is all about family and how a family should accept and support those children who are different from the rest. Moreover, this show also captivates the audience by narrating the real life story of Jazz Jennings through her own lips as she defines the struggles she faces on a daily basis.

Is I Am Jazz: Season 8 available on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, BBC?

No, none of these platforms are currently airing any season of the reality series I am Jazz. You can watch the series by visiting either of the platforms that SD mentioned here.

Where can I watch all seasons of I am Jazz?

All seasons of I am Jazz will be available on TLC and Discovery Plus.

Is I Am Jazz: Season 8 removed from TLC?

No, season 8 of the series will air from January 24, 2023. So, make sure you don’t miss out on Jazz’s new journeys and adventures.

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How Does VPN Allow You to watch I am Jazz: Season 8 online in Australia?

VPNs function by replacing the IP addresses of users. As some streaming services are unavailable outside certain regions, a VPN allows the user to change his or her IP address to the region that is included in the streaming platform’s broadcasting list. Furthermore, by doing that, a VPN not only hides the true location and privacy of the user, but also allows a steadysecurequick, and unhindered access to geo-blocked websites and streaming platforms.


In conclusion, we highly suggest that you don’t skip this emotional-yet-enticing Reality TV series and watch I am Jazz: Season 8 from the comfort of your TV lounge. Find out more about how the show will proceed with Jazz as she navigates through her life with several twists. So, stay tuned and don’t miss out!

Moreover, if TLC is not available in your region then fear not, select the best plans available and get yourself a handy VPN such as ExpressVPN that not only offers you great plans but provides you with an unhindered access to over 500 streaming services where you can stream content on any device and in any quality, whether SDHD, or 4K.


Is I Am Jazz based on a true story? 

Yes, I am Jazz series follows the real life stories and adventures of a transgender girl, Jazz. Jazz Jennings was born a boy but soon underwent a sex-change operation. Ever since, she has been adapting to her new lifestyle, but will she succeed?

Where was I Am Jazz filmed?

Coral Springs, Florida is the location where I am Jazz has been filmed and created.

Where Can I Watch I Am Jazz For Free?

Unfortunately, catching the show for free is currently not an option for you Aussies. It is better to secure a credible VPN and stream TLC. Not only that, you will also be able to stream over 500+ streaming platforms via a good VPN.

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