How to Watch Cyber Vaar in Australia?


Voot is dropping a brand new Mystery, Crime and Thriller series named Cyber Vaar. The series is shedding light on the rising threat of cybercrime over Mumbai. This series will be released on June 10, 2022. In this blog we will give you a complete guide on how to watch Cyber Vaar from anywhere in the world.

What’s Cyber Vaar About?

This Voot series is about Cybercrime, the rate of CyberCrime is increasing all over the world especially in India, in this series we will be able to see some cybercrime cases which include blackmailing, scamming, and scandals, and an ACP named Akash Malik along with a Cyber Expert Ananya Saini and their team will be seen wiping out cybercrimes from the city. 

The team T.R.A.C.E. full form as (Threat Response And Cybercrime Emergency) investigators will be seen investigating the cybercrime cases and then they will be seen resolving them. 

How To Watch Cyber Vaar On Voot via VPN in Australia?

Voot is an Indian channel and currently it is only available in Indian territory, the channel is planning to move to other countries as well but for now if you want to watch the Voot content, you will need a VPN to do so. 

With the help of a VPN you can change your IP address and make yourself look like an Indian resident, in this way you can watch the Voot channel from anywhere in the world.

Follow these steps to watch Cyber Vaar from anywhere in the world:

  1. Get a VPN subscription
  2. Download the VPN app ( ExpressVPN or PureVPN because they are optimized for the channel).
  3. Connect to the Indian Server
  4. Visit or download the app
  5. Search Cyber Vaar and enjoy from anywhere.

What are the best VPNs To Stream Unlimited Content in 2022 in Australia?

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services to watch your favorite content on Voot . As a whole there are 3000+ servers in 94 countries across the globe. It is also one the most fastest VPNs in the market so you can enjoy streaming TVB shows and movies with minimal buffering and at high video playback quality.

Aside from Voot , you can also gain access to other popular geo-restricted services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Showtime, CBC, and more. You can also unblock social media websites with ExpressVPN.

2. PureVPN

Our next best recommendation is PureVPN. Here you can safely access various channels to stream your favourite shows. The 20Gbps servers provide a buffer-free streaming experience along with an access to US Netflix, Peacock, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Foxtel, and many more streaming services. It also enables you to stream up-to 4K content on your favorite channels seamlessly.

It also works with smartphones and tablets (apple or android), if you want to listen to something or watch a movie on your tablet, just install PureVPN app on it and connect to a US server and watch/listen, Pure VPN currently supports all types of devices, but the major ones include Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Cyber Vaar on Voot?

Voot is only available in India due to the licensing agreements, its access is limited to India only and that is why its content is geo restricted in other regions of the world and you need a VPN to unlock this geo-restriction. 

Even if you are traveling from India to any other region of the world, you will do this geo-blocking and you need a VPN to watch Voot content. 

How to Subscribe for Voot in Australia?

Voot is available for free while Voot costs around INR 99 ($1.35) per month.

  1. Open a VPN app
  2. Connect to india server 
  3. Now visit
  4. Register for Voot
  5. Enter your credentials
  6. Select your desired plan
  7. Now select a payment method and add your card details 
  8. Wait for confirmation email, it won’t take long
  9. Now enjoy Voot content from anywhere in the world. 

On which devices can I Watch Voot?

Your can enjoy Voot streaming service on following devices:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • TV platforms such as Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • LG WebOS
  • Samsung TV
  • Sony TV
  • Jio Fiber Set-Top Box
  • TataSky Binge App

What we can see on the official trailer of the series Cyber Vaar?

In the trailer we can see both the main leads of the series talking about the rising rate of cybercrime which are increasing daily, the series will focus on blackmailing, scamming, and scandals that happen to people in their daily life. The ACP Akash Malik along with a Cyber Expert Ananya Saini will go to the world of cybercrime to resolve these issues.

Here’s the official trailer of the series Cyber Vaar:

Where can I watch the series Cyber Vaar? 

You can watch the Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar  on Voot platform from June 10, 2022

When is the series Cyber Vaar Releasing and How many episodes are Expected from the series? 

The series Cyber Vaar is releasing on the Voot platform on June 10, 2022. And it is expected to have Seven Episodes in total.  


Who are the Cast and Crew members of the series Cyber Vaar?

Mentioned below is the cast list of the series Cyber Vaar :

  • Keshav Uppal
  • Neha Khan
  • Amitabh Ghanekar
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya
  • Mohit Malik as ACP Akash Malik
  • Sanaya Irani as Ananya Saini
  • Manish Nagdev
  • Naveen Saini
  • Ashish Kaul
  • Rahulram Manchanda
  • Shaily Priya Pandey

Who directed the series Cyber Vaar?

The Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar is directed by Ankush Bhatt.


Is the series Cyber Vaar based on a true story?

The Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar is inspired by true events

Where can we watch the series Cyber Vaar?

You can watch the Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar on Voot platform on June 10, 2022.

The series Cyber Vaar  is releasing in which language?

The Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar is releasing in Hindi Language.

When is Cyber Vaar releasing?

The Thriller and Crime series Cyber Vaar  is releasing on June 10, 2022.

Wrapping it Up

That’s all folks! We have provided you with all the insights of the upcoming web series about cybercrime and you also got a complete guide on how to watch the crime and thriller series Cyber Vaar from anywhere in the world.