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This upcoming series is a home renovator and interior designer’s dream come true. I mean what could be better than two best friends with expertise relevant to revamping abandoned houses and sipping on good ol’ wine? Well, minus the conversing abilities Amanda and Alan lack to get some serious work done, catch the besties on January 6, exclusively on BBC iPlayer. Get on this exciting Sicilian trip and watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in Australia.

Quick steps: How to watch Amanda & Alan's Italian Job on BBC iPlayer using a VPN

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  2. Download the VPN and connect to a UK server.

  3. Log in to BBC iPlayer.

  4. Find Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job and stream it no matter where you are.

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What is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job Based On?

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is a fun series based on the real challenge taken on by Amanda Holden and Alan Carr to renovate an abandoned property in Sicily, Italy.

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job Official Trailer

What is the release date of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

It premieres on January 6.

What time is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job airing tonight?

The first episode of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job airs on BBC One, a TV channel in the UK

What are the age restrictions and Genres of this Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is a factual series falling in the category of Homes and Gardens. It isn’t rated for mature audiences so you can enjoy watching it on a family night in!

What’s the Plot of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job

BBC has revealed the official synopsis of the series which is as follows:

Besties Amanda Holden and Alan Carr roll up their sleeves to bring a crumbling Sicilian home back to life. As they embrace the local lifestyle, it’s demolition and la dolce vita.

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in 2023?

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is yet to receive ratings.

Who is Amanda Holden?

Amanda Holden is a British celebrity personality who has been a part of the judges’ panel of one of the biggest TV talent shows, Britain’s Got Talent since 2007. Apart from her acting career, the star’s debut studio album, Songs from My Heart, which reached the top 5 on the UK Albums Chart. She has a special knack for home renovation and coupled with her BBF’s interior decor skills, this might just be the best Home improvement we’ve seen in a long time.

Who is Alan Carr?

Alan is a well-known British comedian who has several shows in his name. Receiving accolades for the City Life Best Newcomer of the Year and the BBC New Comedy Awards, his career started to emerge as he became known for co-hosting The Friday Night Project with Justin Lee Collins. Carr is very accepting of his sexuality and happens to be best friends with hit singer Adele.

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job location

The two have purchased apartments in the Sicilian village of Salemi, which is located on a hill. Salemi, an area of the island noted for its breathtaking vistas and steep, twisting lanes, was severely damaged by an earthquake in January 1968. The village, which has a population of little over 10,000 people, is close to Marsala and Palermo, two coastal cities.

Amanda Horden in Siciliy.

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job Episode Guide

With all episodes releasing at once on BBC iPlayer, 29 minutes of pure joy and wholesome vibes await this series.

Episode #1 : S1 E01 | January 6

The first episode introduces the audience to Amanda and Alan who have taken on the challenge to renovate a property in rural Sicily that has been abandoned for years. The ruins are carefully looked at by the pair.

Episode #2 : S1 E02 | January 6

The BFFs accept the first-ever challenge by starting to make a traditional Sicilian Kitchen. The entirety of the episode will be a series of Bargains from Amanda, and Alan’s struggle with scorching heat amid the demolition of their property. Also, catch Amanda learning how to cook a Sicilian signature dish!

Episode #3 : S1 E03 | January 6

Clash over bathrooms? Say no more. This episode will look into Amanda and Alan’s visions towards revamping a Sicilian house. Amanda wants a disco ball which is unacceptable to Alan and Alan wouldn’t settle without a bidet, his sophisticated friend is not convinced by the idea.

Episode #4 : S1 E04 | January 6

A visit to a 300-year-old palazzo for inspiration and seeking help from designer Marie awaits this episode. There’s yet another series of conflicting ideas between Alan and Amanda as the second challenge of designing the bedroom begins.

Alan Carr

Episode #5 : S1 E05 | January 6

The garden is to be made into a Mediterranean paradise by Amanda and Alan. Amanda works on the building’s damaged façade while Alan explores Sicily’s renowned art scene.

Episode #6 : S1 E06 | January 6

With a boudoir design inspired by banana leaves and her dad’s love of DIY projects, Amanda hopes to bring a touch of Hollywood to Sicily in the master bedroom.

Episode #7 : S1 E07 | January 6

When Amanda and Alan attempt to combine the living and dining areas, they run against a large structural wall that prevents them from doing so.

Episode #8 : S1 E08 | January 6

Finally, all their efforts are coming to a conclusion. Amanda and Alan do the last room in the finale episode before they arrange an emotional farewell get-together with their Sicilian relatives and let all their hard work scream from the completed house.

Is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job a show?

Yes, it is a BBC original show.

Where else can you watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job?

As of now, Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is exclusively available on BBC iPlayer.

What other popular shows like Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job you can watch on BBC iPlayer?

What is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job about?

Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job is a home renovation and feel-good reality show that sees comedian Alan Carr and actor/singer Amanda Horden purchase a luxury house found in ruins for as cheap as €1 each as part of a government scheme. They collaborate to renovate two abandoned homes in Italy intending to combine them into a single fashionable residence.

Is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job available on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC?

Yes, it is available on BBC iPlayer.

Is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job removed from BBC iPlayer?

No, it has just begun airing on BBC iPlayer

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How Does VPN Allow You to Watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job online in Australia?

VPN is a legal way to secure your browser as well as access all the geographically blocked content by masking the IP address to your chosen region. This way you can watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job online while you sit in the comfort of your home in Australia


This is the best way to spend your weekend. Not only do you get celebrity inspiration for home renovation and decorating, but the finished result is also extremely pleasing to watch. Now that you have a comparison of the best VPNs available, you can start streaming Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job without having to worry about BBC iPlayer being inaccessible in Australia. 


What TV channel is Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job on? 

For UK residents, the show is available on BBC One.

Where Can I Watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job For Free?

We know how stressful it may be if you’re not able to find a place where you can conveniently watch your favourite episodes, but you need not worry because BBC iPlayer is free and you can access all episodes as you, please.

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