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The upcoming animated action-adventure series, Super Giant Robot Brothers, is developed by Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres. The release date for Super Giant Robot Brothers has been set for August 4, 2022 on Netflix. Super Giant Robot Brothers is the first ever animated series created solely with the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. 

Two huge robots discover that they are siblings while fighting intergalactic evil to protect Earth. Fighting bloodthirsty creatures, otherworldly catastrophes, and everyday human problems, two quarreling robot brothers go through growing pains.

The Super Giant Robot Brothers’ cast includes Marisa Davila, Chris Diamantopoulos, Delbert Hunt voiced by Ren Hanami, Eva Ariel Binder, Jared Farid Ward, and Delbert Hunt.

What is the Super Giant Robot Brothers show about?

Huge robots Shiny and Thunder battle sibling rivalry while saving Earth from kaiju invasion in the center of the story. This animated series utilized the Unreal Engine for imagery and rendering.

The real-time rendering revolution in the industry is mostly being driven by Unreal Engine and the game engine Unity. Reel FX uses the Unreal Game Engine to depict the animation in real-time by fusing live-action filming methods with conventional animation tools. This approach has been shown by Reel FX Animation at Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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About Unreal Engine

A live-action technique for animation is made possible by the Unreal Engine’s capacity to generate figures in real-time. The Super Giant Robot Brothers series is the first fully animated project that is produced using motion capture technology. Having the ability to simultaneously see the performers and the anime sprites allows the filmmakers to improvise and foster creativity without delaying the animation process. Today, Unreal Engine is hosting “The Animation Fellowship” to demonstrate how the core technology behind its gaming engine is revolutionizing the animation industry.

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Here are some interesting updates about the production of the movie

Chris Collins, an editor with Reel FX, stated about the new process, “Usually, in animation, animators only get to deal with storyboards and drawings. That leaves a lot open to interpretation. But with the Unreal Engine and this virtual pipeline, all the stuff I get back from the stage is just like footage.”

Furthermore, Andrews-the director added, “In addition to creating the script, you also create the assets before we take the stage. Additionally, there is a chance to modify it on stage and watch it performed again.” That is really cool and expands the realm of what animation is capable of. As the mo-cap actors perform, they can be photographed from various angles and perspectives.

Super Giant Robot Brothers trailer

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How many episodes are there in the series Super Giant Robot Brothers?

Super Giant Robot Brothers is a ten-part series.

What is the genre of the series?

Super Giant Robot Brothers is a 3D animated action-comedy series.

Is the series Super Giant Robot Brothers worth watching?

Since characters can be rendered in real-time by the Unreal Engine, you can really see what’s happening and what the final result will look like.

Wrapping up

These two enormous robot brothers, Shiny and Thunder, were built by our adolescent prodigy, Alex Rose, to defend the globe from invasion. In every episode, they must battle Kaiju and preserve the Earth. This family, which frequently engages in sibling rivalry, is the subject of the story. According to Andrew, nobody has ever done it to this magnitude. And it’s accurate. Super Giant Robot Brothers is the first fully animated project to use the Unreal Engine, and the project is definitely unusual because it uses live-action and actual cameras.

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