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On August 4, 2022, you can watch Lady Tamara on Netflix. Artists like Isabel Preysler, Tamara Falcó, and Martn Bercátegui bring the show to life.

This docuseries centers on socialite Tamara Falcó’s lavish lifestyle gets the spotlight as she juggles work, pleasure, and her well-known family.

In this Spanish series, socialite Tamara Falcó takes viewers behind the scenes of the glamour and drama of her life. She was born into the Spanish aristocracy. Falcó has spent her life in the spotlight, along with her half-siblings, which include other socialites and even pop singer Enrique Iglesias.

She’s also known in Spain as a TV host and a frequent guest on several shows, from cooking to talk shows like Premios Goya 33 edición, Dani & Flo, Masters of Renovation, MasterChef Celebrity etc. The series follows all the ups and downs in her high-profile life, from work and entertainment to the demands of her famous family.

What is Lady Tamara about?

Lady Tamara centers on the socialite Tamara Falcó and her life. Falcó was born in Spain and has been famous her whole life.

She says she is the woman whose whole story is told on the covers of Hello! (with pictures that look more like an actual crime but are still good) and that she would become a religious woman until she met Inigo Onieva. Some examples of this are the hit docuseries Soy Georgina and the show about the lives of the Kardashians, which is already well-known. Inigo Onieva is a handsome and helpful boyfriend.

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What to anticipate from Lady Tamara?

This reality show is produced and developed by Komodo Studios. Tamara Falco and her opulent surroundings will be our hosts in this brand-new reality show on Netflix. The series will follow Tamara as she explores her personal and professional projects with her loved ones and close friends.

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Lady Tamara trailer

The trailer is currently unavailable for this docuseries.

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When will this docuseries release?

Lady Tamara will release on Aug 4, 2022.

Which platform will release Lady Tamara?

The docuseries will release on Netflix.

Wrapping up

The docuseries will follow Tamara as she talks with her loved ones and close friends about her personal and professional projects. It seems to be lively, funny, and enjoyable to watch. Tamara Falcó’s high-class life is the focus of this reality show. She juggles work, play and her famous family. You can find a lot of glamour in this show.

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