How to watch ‘Behind The Music’ in Australia


If you are a music lover who enjoys the journey of your favorite artists, then buckle up! The well-known VH1 series Behind The Music has finally made a comeback with celebrities like Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, Bret Michaels, Jennifer Lopez, Huey Lewis, and others on Paramount Plus on Thursday, July 29, 2021. Get ready to binge-watch because this time it is bigger, better, and juicier!

Ever wondered where J-Lo was before she became ‘Selena’? Did you know Bret Michels fainted on stage? Or how Huey Lewis was just a guy who played harmonica? Sit back and watch how these artists struggled to become the celebrities they are today.

What exactly do these documentaries include?

Each artist has a separate episode in which they discuss their transformation from unknown nobodies to the international phenomena that they’ve become. And none of it was easy. This is the story of our favorite artists being vulnerable and broken down. They open up about the events that have not ever been heard — their memories, their growth, their process, their traumas, and the secrets they have kept to themselves… until now.

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Does the new Behind The Music have celebrities from the old series?

Behind The Music has some featured artists from the previous series. Their episodes include unseen ‘extended’ cuts from the archives and some fresh new clips.

Episode release date and details: Everything you need to know

The first season consists of eight episodes. These episodes will air every Thursday, only on Paramount+.

This season has two volumes, beginning with two separate premiere episodes, featuring Ricky Martin and LL Cool J, respectively. The rest of the artists’ documentaries are in volume one, except the one featuring Jenifer Lopez.

The Jenifer Lopez episode kick-starts the second volume, along with musical acts, the dates of which haven’t been released yet.

The episodes in volume one are as follows:

July 29: Ricky Martin

July 29: LL Cool J

August 5: Huey Lewis

August 12: Busta Rhymes

August 19: Duran Duran

August 26: New Kids on the Block

September 2: Bret Michaels

September 9: Fat Joe

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iHeartRadio’s podcasts

Accompanying Behind The Music (the documentary series) will be Behind The Music (the podcast). iHeartRadio will launch weekly podcast episodes to accompany every Behind The Music documentary episode. Consider these ‘audio’ versions of the documentary episodes. These podcasts have interviews consisting of stories, challenges and excerpts from songs.

Eminem’s appearance in Behind The Music

Eminem fans are excited over the fact that he is part of Behind The Music. Unfortunately, there isn’t an episode based entirely on him, but he is going to be featured in the LL Cool J episode, reminiscing over their friendship.

In one of the segments of the episode, Eminem talks about his respect for and friendship with LL Cool J. “Since I was a little kid, I always wanted a chain. I was recording with Rick Rubin and I was like, ‘Yo, can you ask LL where he got his chains from?’ So [LL Cool J] had these made and sent them to me.”


Is there going to be only one season?

Behind The Music has not been canceled or renewed for another season yet. But we’ll keep an eye out for any announcements regarding this.

Where can you watch Behind The Music?

The show will be on Paramount+ and can easily be streamed. To get pumped up for the new series, you can watch all fourteen seasons from the older Behind The Music, also on Paramount+.

How to listen to iHeartRadio’s Behind The Music podcast?

These will be available on the iHeartRadioapp or any podcast platform.

Is Behind The Music available on any other website?

No, the show can only be accessed on Paramount+.

Wrapping up

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