The Best Movies To Watch On Amazon UK Prime Right Now

The Best Movies To Watch On Amazon UK Prime Right Now

Amazon UK Prime is yet to be fully available to viewers from across the world. However, it still offers a great library full of original and critically acclaimed content. Amazon UK Prime is perhaps the best catalog of them all. Here are the best movies available on the platform:

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

When the first Borat movie was released, it sparked a level of controversy that was unheard of. The Kazakh president complained about the film to then-President Bush. So, you can imagine the excitement when Borat’s sequel was announced. Shot and released amid a pandemic, it brings back some familiar characters and old. Borat’s back in the US. He is looking to bribe Vice President Pence with a monkey and then his daughter. All this to strengthen Kazakh-US ties. (Oh, and this time around, the Kazakh tourism ministry has embraced it.)


In his typical dedication to his roles, Christian Bale managed to transform himself entirely to play the role of former US Vice President, Dick Cheney. Vice follows an unlikely slacker from Yale and his rise to becoming arguably the most powerful man in the US. While doing it all like a virtual ghost. The movie employs a satirical take on how Vice managed to manipulate the system. He took it in whatever direction he wished, changing American politics forever. The impact of his actions is still being felt. This further highlights his role as one of the most important political figures in the 21st century.

The Prestige

Any movie that pits Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman against each other is bound to be a success, and so it was. Prestige stars the two iconic actors as budding magicians. After an act goes wrong, the two turn bitter enemies. They continuously try to undermine one another while trying to come up with the best act. This obsession with humiliating each other leads them to pursue the ultimate trick, resulting in darker consequences than either of them had ever intended.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Cocaine, prostitutes, alcohol, and a whole lot of money is how Wall Street was described in the 80s. Few movies managed to capture what it must’ve felt like than Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. It chronicles the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort who redefined what the Wall Street lifestyle was with his brash and often aggressive tactics. Pretty soon, they catch the eye of the authorities. Expectedly, he goes to every extent possible to keep himself out of prison, still manage his company, and save his marriage in this roller coaster of a movie.

The Report

The United States does not torture or so was the US government’s official position until the McCain-Feinstein amendment. Daniel Jones is a staffer tasked by Senator Diane Feinstein to investigate reports of the CIA destroying evidence. As Jones delves deeper into top-secret documents, memos, and on-field reports, it becomes clear that the CIA has been using black sites and torture on potential terrorism suspects. His investigation is far from straightforward as bureaucracy and complicated politics threaten to delay and even suppress his report from ever seeing the light of day.

How To Access Amazon UK Prime

Amazon UK Prime is filled with a slew of original and popular content. Since it is not available in an overwhelming number of countries worldwide, it makes sense that viewers would want access to it. If you’re one of way, here’s the simplest way to access Amazon Prime UK from anywhere:

  • Sign up for a VPN subscription
  • Install the VPN browser extension and connect to any UK server.
  • Log in to your Amazon Primeaccount and use as normal
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